SSP100 : London
Den of Antiquities

Prof. Leslie Mechem Ladd 211 x5464
lmechem@skidmore.edu Office Hours: MWF 10-11:00

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1: Introduction: What do you collect?

READING: MacDonald, Collecting Practices, coursepack

6: Theoretical Issues
What is collecting? What is looting?

READING: Brodie & Gill, Looting: an international view, coursepack
Rhodes, Chapter 2 AECA
Rhodes, Chapter 5 AECA


8: History of Looting

READING: Selections from ancient authors, coursepack

13: History of Collecting (visit BM)

READING: Abt, Origins of the Public Museum, coursepack

Meet at IES Center at 10am

15: Preparation for Tate Museum visit


17: Tate Museum visit

Meet at Tate Britain at 10am

20: The Elgin Marbles (visit BM)

READING: Hurwit, The Acropolis in the Age of Pericles, coursepack

Meet at IES Center at 10:30am

22: The Elgin Marbles

READING: Fitz Gibbon, The Elgin Marbles: A Summary, coursepack

24: Sir John Soane's House

Meet at Soane's House at 1:30 pm.

27: The Elgin Marbles: Debate

Websites: British Museum make sure you read The Position of the British Museum Trustees at the top of the webpage
Greek Position
1st Short Essay Due: Response to Tate Museum Visit

29: Preparation for V & A Museum Visit

Bring laptops to class

Blogs on Soane Museum due

4: V & A Museum Visit

Meet at V & A at 10 am

6: Presentations on V & A Museum Visit

Jessica Cupid and Psyche
Kate The Discovery of Achilles
Bettina The Portland Vase
Abbey Amphora
Savannah Egg Cup
McLean Wine Cooler

11: Midterm

18: Presentations on V & A Museum Visit

Ceramics and Furniture:

Pat Cup and Cover
Emma Amphora
Liza Amphora
Miki Amphora

Emery Bookcase
Sarah Side table
Karim Mirror

20: Presentations on V & A Museum Visit

Architecture, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Glass:
Dillon Michelangelo Lamp
Emmy Ceiling
Jasmine Chimneypiece
Lily Breakfast Room Painting
Sophie Lady Hamilton Attitudes
Lauren Sleep and Sorrow
Madeline Amphora
25: Preparation for British Museum Visit

Meet at BM at 10:30
27: The Troy Treasure

Fitton, Schliemann at Troy and Mycenae, coursepack



1: The Troy Treasure

READING: Moorehead, Lost and Found: The 9,000 Treasures of Troy, coursepack

2nd Short Essay Due: Response to V & A Museum Visit

3: Modern-day Collecting: Dealers

READING: Marks, Dealers Speak, coursepack
5: British Museum Visit

8: Modern-day Collecting

READING: Rose and Acar, Turkey's War on the Illicit Antiquities Trade, coursepack

10: Modern-day Collecting

READING: Mead, Den of Antiquity, coursepack
Rhodes, Chapter 4, AECA

15: Modern-day Collecting: Private Collectors

READING: Rhodes, Chapter 7 in AECA
White, Building American Museums: The Role of the Private Collector, coursepack


17: The Legal Perspective

READING: Gerstenblith, Chapter 3 in AECA
O'Connell, Chapter 6 in AECA
UNESCO Convention of 1970
, Appendix in AECA
3rd Short Essay Due: Response to British Museum Visit

22: New Models for Sharing Cultural Patrimony

READING: Rhodes, Chapter 1 in AECA
Merryman, A Licit International Trade in Cultural Objects, coursepack


24: Research Day


29: Presentation of Final Projects


Jessica Exekias Amphora
Kate Marriage Amphora
Herakles and Amazon Hydria
Dillon Douris Kylix
Pat Lykaon Painter Pelike
Liza Apollo and Artemis Amphora

Sarah Harpy Tomb
Abbey Bassae Frieze
Lauren Mausoleum of Halikarnassos
Savannah Gold Oak Wreath



1: Presentation of Final Projects

Presenters: Miki Apollo Kitharoides
Emery Dionysos
Lily Thalia
Jasmine Marsyas
Emma Augustan Silver Cup
Bettina Portland Vase
Sophie Fish Mosaic
McLean Antinous
Madeline Acrobat on Crocodile
Karim Gladiator Helmet

Final Papers due by December 2 at 6 pm.