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The CC 200 front page.  Links to next class, the current unit, and a random web page of interest.

An overview of the course:

Introduction:  The big picture.
Objectives:  What students will gain from the course.
Instructors:  Office hours and contact information.
Textbooks:  Books to purchase.
Requirements:  Assignments, exams, and other bases for grading.


Complete list of class meetings and due dates:

View by week
View by unit
View entire semester


Details on the four essays due this term:

Introduction: The overall aims of the essays.
Guidelines:  General strategies for success.
Topics:  The subject matter of the essays.
Schedule:  List of sessions and due dates.
Resources:  Some online aids.


Web resources for students:

General:  Useful repositories of information.
Myth:  Guides to gods, heroes, and heroines
Tragedy:  Understanding ancient theater.
Geography:  Maps of the ancient Mediterranean.
Images:  Image repositories.

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