Pompeiian wall painting, 1st c. CE
Cave canem!

CL311 Petronius' Satyricon: Research
TuTh 11.10-12.30

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
marnush@skidmore.edu Office hours: M 11.15-12.10 Th 1-2
Classics Department
Skidmore College

The semester research project provides you with the opportunity to focus your interests on some aspect of Petronius' novel and its literary, social and/or literary contexts. You will design the thesis of your paper, conduct the research, present your results and hand in a rough and then final draft of your 10-page paper. You have considerable latitude in what type of paper you design, and you may choose from a wide array of literary and socio-historical topics.

You will launch this project directly after the midterm (scheduled for Thursday, March 11th), although I encourage you to begin collecting materials before then. Once the midterm is over, you will want to move full-steam ahead on your research and have all of the necessary tools in place to help you do so. The critical dates follow; all assignments are to be sent to Prof. Arnush via email attachment.
March 24th Due: one paragraph detailing your topic or theme
March 28th-April 1st
Meet with Prof. Arnush to discuss the topic or theme
April 7th

Due: working bibliography

April 14th
Due: 10-minute presentation; submit thesis and abstract
April 21st
Due: rough draft of paper
April 26th and 28th
Due: 20-minute presentation
May 3rd
Due: final draft, 12pm, via email attachment
Conducting research