Pompeiian wall painting, 1st c. CE
Cave canem!

CL311 Petronius' Satyricon: Schedule
TuTh 11.10-12.30

Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462
marnush@skidmore.edu Office hours: M 11.15-12.10 Th 1-2
Classics Department
Skidmore College
Day Date Activity (all films will be screened in Ladd 307)
Th 1.25 Discussion: Author of the Satyricon
Th 2.3 Discussion: Neronian-age history (Tom)
Th 2.3 @7pm Tampopo (1986), dir. Jûzô Itami, 115 mins. (Japanese w. subtitles)
Tu 2.8 Discussion: Neronian-age literature/Roman novel (Sarah)
Tu 2.15 Discussion: Slaves, freedmen and freedwomen (Evan)
Th 2.17 @7pm Babette’s Feast (1987), dir. Gabriel Axel, 102 mins. (Danish/French w.subtitles)
Tu 2.22 Discussion: Roman cuisine and dining (Amanda)
Tu 3.1 Discussion: Roman sexuality (Laura)
Th 3.3 @7pm Big Night (1996), dirs. Campbell Scott, Stanley Tucci, 107 mins.
Th 3.10 Midterm exam: prepared translations, sight translations and essays
Tu 3.22 Readings
Th 3.24 Research paper: one paragraph due detailing your topic or theme; sight passage, ch. 61
M 3.28 Meet with Prof. Arnush to discuss the topic or theme of your research paper
Tu 3.29 Sight passage, ch. 62
Th 3.31 Prepared passages: 44 (Sarah), 45 (Tom), 46 (Evan), 47 (Laura), 48 (Amanda)
Tu 4.5
  • Discussion: V.M. Hope, "At Home with the Dead" (Evan)
    • 15 minutes: the relevance of this article to your project, what you learned from it in terms of content as well as methodology, and a solicitation from you to your class colleagues as to how they see this article might help you shape your thinking about your project
  • Sight passages; Tomb of Eurysaces
  • Announcements: Homerathon!; Parilia; NYC; Academic Festival
Th 4.7
  • Discussion: S. Harrison, "Petronius' Satyrica and the Novel in English" (Sarah)
  • Research paper: working bibliography due
Tu 4.12
  • Discussion: C. Vout, "The Satyrica and Neronian Culture" (Tom)
Th 4.14
  • Discussion: J. Paul, "Fellini-Satyricon" (Amanda); Sat. 55-59
Tu 4.19
  • Discussion: A. Richlin, "Sex in the Satyrica" (Laura); Sat. 55-59
Th 4.21 Thesis and abstract due + 10 min. presentations
F 4.22 Parilia: the four-college undergraduate Classics conference, Hamilton University
Tu 4.26 Sight passages
Th 4.28 Research paper: 3 presentations
Tu 5.3 Research paper: 2 presentations + resolving the Satyricon