Ides of March, 44 BCE, British Museum

HI205 The Rise of Rome: Requirements
MWF 1.25-2.20, TLC201
Prof. Michael Arnush Ladd 209 x5462 Office hours: M 11.15-12.10 Th 1-2

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Assessment Percentage Details Due Date
Short Essay 10% 600/700-word essay 02.16, Wed.
Midterm Exam 25% In-class exam 03.11, Fri.
Final Paper 30% 2500-word research paper  
  --5% 250 word abstract 04.01, Fri.
  --5% 500 word sample 04.18, Mon.
  --20% Final draft 05.02, Mon.
Final Exam 25% In-class exam 05.13, Fri., 9am-12pm
Participation 10% Active engagement in the classroom All semester

Each assignment has a specific deadline and these will be observed rigorously. It is your responsibility to email to me, prior to the class meeting on that date, the Short Essay and the three portions of the Final Paper, each one as a .docx attachment and each accompanied by a copy of the Honor Code statement with an electronic "signature."

"I have not witnessed any wrongdoing, nor have I personally violated any conditions of the Skidmore Honor Code while writing this paper."

Any paper received after 1.25pm on its due date receives an "F" and a score of 0, so it is in your best interests to leave sufficient time to complete each assignment.

The following links explain the College's Honor Code, the ethics of scholarship, proper documentation of sources in a paper and what constitutes plagiarism. Please read all of these carefully before submitting your work.

Exam dates
The date of each exam is non-negotiable (the date of the final will be determined by the Registrar), so do not ask to have the date of an exam changed. Make your plans for spring and summer breaks with these dates in mind.
My style of teaching incorporates class discussion of the readings. Your participation grade depends on your active involvement in these discussions - that is, volunteering a comment, not waiting to be called upon to contribute. You should plan to volunteer a useful observation at least once per week. This course is not a spectator sport, so passive engagement will result in a significant lowering of this grade.
Attendance at all class meetings is compulsory, not optional. Unless you are seriously ill, you should attend every class. Absences otherwise - especially on due dates - will result in a serious downgrading of the Participation grade.