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The CC 222 front page.  Links to next class, the current unit, and a random web page of interest.

An overview of the course:

Introduction:  the big picture.
Objectives:  what students will gain from the course.
Instructor:  office hours and contact information.
Textbooks:  books and supplies to purchase.
Requirements:  assignments, exams, and other bases for grading.


Complete list of class meetings and due dates:

View by week
View by unit
View entire semester


Questions to consider before discussions of our plays.

Introduction:  the purpose of the reflections.
Guidelines:  instructions and procedures.
Reflections:  Links to questions about each play.


Guidelines for the semester project:

Introduction:  what the project is about.
Duties:  who does what.
Requirements:  a few working rules.

Progress reports:  guidelines for weekly updates.
Suggestions:  some friendly advice.
Milestones:  assignments and due dates.


Guidelines for in-class performances of an episode of the Antigone:

Introduction:  overview and purpose.
Troupes:  members and contact information.
Guidelines:  hints and requirements for staging scenes.
Resources: web, video, and print.
Schedule:  which troupe does what.


Information on making and performing masks:

Introduction:  brief statement of purpose.
Process:  how to make a mask with Rigid Wrap.
Schedule:  dates of sessions and performances.


Links to Web resources on Greek tragedy:

Greek tragedy:  understanding the genre.
Theaters and topography:  physical and geographical settings.
Myth, history, and culture:  the Greeks and their society.

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