Classics Study Tour in Greece
May 22 - June 4, 2005


ATHENS May 23-26
The birthplace of Western culture, Athens is one of the world’s most venerable cities. During our stay we will tour the National Archaeological Museum, where ancient Greece’s finest treasures are displayed; the Acropolis and the majestic ruins of the Parthenon; the Temple of Athena Nike; and the Erechtheion, with the Portico of the Maidens. We will also visit the Theatre of Dionysus, the stage for the great tragedies of fifth-century Athens; the Agora, the ancient commercial city center; and recent excavations in preparation for the Athens '04 Olympics. We travel to Sounion, site of the Temple of Poseidon and a charming seaside taverna.
The Parthenon of Athens
As we make our way Delphi, we will stop at Marathon, the battlefield where the Athenians and Persians met in an epic confrontation in 490 BC which proved the superiority of the new Athenian democracy; and Osios Loukas, the Church of St. Luke, a charming example of a Byzantine monastery in an idyllic setting near the base of Mt. Parnassos
Osios Loukas
DELPHI May 27–28
For a thousand years, Delphi was the center of the worship of Apollo. After the Athenian Acropolis, the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi is probably the most impressive site in Greece. Nestled on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus above long stretches of olive groves, the sanctuary includes the remains of the Temple of Apollo, site of the famous oracle. We will also visit the museum, which contains the famous bronze statue of the Charioteer and the frieze from the Treasury of the Siphnians. Our stay in Delphi includes a trip to the nearby village of Arachova, known for its charm and fine wools.
Temple of Apollo
OLYMPIA May 29-30
From Delphi the group will travel to Olympia. The santuary of Zeus was world-famous as the site of the original Olympics. We will tour the remains of the Temple of Zeus, the gymnasium and the race track, where the 2004 Olympics shotput comeptition was held. We will also visit the musesum, which houses the magnificent temple sculpture and other remarkable finds, among them this remarkable metope from the great temple. Here, Athena assists Herakles adjusting the pillow that supports the world on his shoulders, as he tricks the god Atlas (on the right) to give him the apples of the Hesperides and take back the world.
Metope from the Temple of Zeus
NAUPLION May 31-June 2
From Olympia we next visit the picturesque harbor town of Nauplion overlooking the Aegean Sea. En route to Nauplion we will stop at the Temple of Apollo at Corinth, one of the earliest Doric temples in Greece, and the Bema from which St. Paul spoke to the Corinthians in 52 CE. From Corinth we will proceed to Tiryns, Homer’s “wall-girt” city where the massive walls of red and gray limestone still stand 3,400 years after they were built. Our second day in Nauplion will focus on the ancient sites of  Mycenae, city of King Agamemnon, and Epidaurus, the ancient shrine of Asklepios god of medicine. The temple is in ruins, but the 4th century BC theatre is one of the best preserved in Greece. Its acoustics are nearly perfect; the least whisper on the stage can be heard in any of the 14,000 seats. We stop at Tolo, a beautiful nearby beach resort.
View from the Medieval fortress of Nauplion
Upon returning to Athens we will take a ferry the next day to the picturesque island of Aegina, which has been inhabited since the 4th millennium B.C. and was one of the major trading centers at the time of the Peloponnesian War. Aegina Town was the first capital of  modern Greece. We also will visit the Temple of Aphaia, one of the best-preserved temples in Greece. The tour concludes with a group dinner in Athens.
Temple of Aphaia
After a last night in Athens we depart!