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Volleyball vandals?

Who are these people, and what are they up to? What's the occasion? If you have an answer, tell us the story at 518-580-5747,, or Scope c/o Skidmore College. We’ll report answers, and run a new quiz, in the upcoming Scope.


Nip and tuck?

Nip and tuck? Many alumnae remember the textiles-and-clothing track of the home-economics major; this photo shows a draping class, in which students begin by designing on miniature mannequin forms that they make from cotton-stuffed muslin. Betty Dornheim ’44 and others still recall the teacher, Nellie Torrance.

Mary Heber Mathews ’40 says the photo also includes classmates Marie Tornello Hughes, Jane Shoemaker VanVranken, Peggy Mackey Lawrence, Jean Seale Downes, and Bobby Cook McCallum. Mathews adds, “An art major, I was allowed to take the draping class without the preparatory courses. I could do the design work, but I could not manipulate the sewing machine like the seasoned home-ec majors could.” Like Pat Kennedy Snyderman ’54, she spent a lot of time ripping out and resewing. Says Snyderman, “When I found out our next project was to make a complete coat, I quit that major and signed up for biology instead.”

Constance Zeiger Ayars ’72 thinks “one of the blond gals in the photo must be my aunt, Lovilla Zeiger Rehfeldt ’41.” Rennie Tornello Griffith ’43, echoing Mathews’s recollection, asserts, “The dark-haired beauty on the left-hand side is my sister, Marie Tornello Hughes ’40.” But Carol Stock Mahony ’56 thinks she sees Gayle Stein Bishop ’56 in the group. Joan Stubbe Aker ’50 recognizes her classmates Carol Johnson Gentner (front left) and Charlotte Mueller Smith (center, rear). And Charlotte Lamson Clarke ’53 says even her husband agrees that she’s the one at the lower right.

Regardless of the who and when, all agree on the what: students created some very elaborate clothing, from lined coats to formal gowns. In fact, Marie von Lengerke Blaisdell ’42 reports, “I was on the May Queen’s Court in 1940, and these gowns look like the ones we wore, in shades of blue and turquoise.”