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Spring 2000

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Mary Washburn Dinmore ’26, of Cheshire, CT, died Dec. 31, 1999. She was a home economics major at Skidmore. Mollie had been active in her church, the girl scouts, a hospital women’s association, the historical society, and Lowell International Institute. Mollie is survived by two daughters, three grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren; husband Harry predeceased her in 1986.

Beatrice Miller ’27, of Indian Orchard, MA, died. A home economics major at Skidmore, she earned a master’s in childhood education from Columbia University in 1934. She was a member of the National Education Association, American Home Economics Association, and Association of Guidance Counselors. Beatrice is survived by niece Joan Meunier Rouzie ’48.

Madeline Fox Burrage ’28, of San Diego, CA, died July 30, 1994. She was a home economics major and graduated from Simmons College. Madeline is survived by husband Butler and daughter Cynthia Burrage Schofield ’57.

Margaret Slade Bellows ’28, of Chula Vista, CA, died April 20, 1999. She was an art major but received her degree from Oneonta State College. She was executive secretary to the Cooperstown Art Association until retiring in 1973. Margaret has no known survivors; husband Theodore predeceased her.

Eleanor Christie Jenkins ’29, of Flemington, NJ, died Aug. 8, 1996. An art major at Skidmore, she served as class president. Eleanor is survived by one daughter, two sons, and many grandchildren; husband Edwin predeceased her in 1977.

Alberta Lowell ’29, of Gardner, MA, died Dec. 29, 1999. A psychology major at Skidmore, she was a secretary at Shawmut Bank and John Hancock Life Insurance in Boston for many years before her retirement. She was a member of the Gardner College Club. Bert is survived by cousins.

Ruth Gallagher Tonne ’30, of St. Petersburg, FL, died May 15, 1999. A longtime resident of New Jersey, she served as president of the former Monmouth Co. alumni club. She was active in the Red Cross, hospital auxiliary, and church guild. Ruth has no known survivors; husband Alfred predeceased her in 1986.

Edith Allen ’31, of Syracuse, NY, died. An art major at Skidmore, she was a self-employed bookkeeper. She was a member of the PEO and a volunteer for Meals on Wheels and school enrichment programs. She was treasurer for the former Skidmore alumni club of Syracuse and served on her class’s reunion committee. Edith has no known survivors.

Virna Gunther O’Connor ’31, of St. Petersburg, FL, died Dec. 3, 1999. She was an English major at Skidmore. Virna was active in the AAUW and was a hospital gift-shop volunteer. She is survived by two daughters, including Elizabeth Hamlin Holloway ’60, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren; husband Raymond predeceased her.

Julie Atkins Smith ’32, of Bethlehem, CT, died July 2, 1999. She was a reporter and editor for several newspapers for over 25 years. She had volunteered for the AAUW and Salvation Army. Julie is survived by two sons.

Madlyn Gillis Ryan ’32, of Beverly Hills, MI, died Sept. 23, 1999. She was an art major at Skidmore and worked as a Yellow Pages sales representative. Madlyn is survived by a son; husband Granville predeceased her in 1996.

Dorothy Powell Saxton ’32, of Amityville, NY, died Oct. 30, 1999, after a long illness. An art major at Skidmore, she earned a degree in nursing from Adelphi University in 1963 and was a school nurse and teacher in the N. Babylon school system. A Republican committeewoman for 25 years, she was a member of the DAR and volunteered for the Industrial Home for the Blind, the Red Cross, and area historical societies. Dottie is survived by husband Walter, three sons, 10 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

Delina Bixby Brink ’33, of Stony Brook, NY, died May 15, 1999. A physical education major at Skidmore, she earned a nursing degree from N. Country Community Hospital in 1954 and was a nurse and executive secretary until retiring in 1977. Delina is survived by a daughter, a son, eight grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren; husband Benjamin predeceased her in 1955.

Laura Wentworth Holmes ’33, of Providence, RI, died March 20, 1999. Laura has no known survivors.

Renette Casebolt Scott ’35, of Madison, NJ, died Nov. 27, 1999, after a long illness. An art major at Skidmore, she made stone sculptures and exhibited locally. She had been active in the scouts, AAUW, and Red Cross. Renette is survived by husband Hugh.

Carolyn Morgan Brassler ’35, of Buck Hill Falls, PA, and Vero Beach, FL, died Jan. 19, after a short illness. She was a business major at Skidmore. A longtime resident of New Jersey, she had been active in area women’s clubs, Babies Hospital in Newark, and the DAR. She was an active member of the Vero Beach Country Club. Carolyn is survived by husband Norman, a son, a daughter, and six grandchildren.

Margaret Bergen Thompson ’36, of Waterford, CT, died Dec. 3, 1999. A sociology major, she worked as a social worker in Hartford, was a substitute teacher for the Simsbury public schools, and counseled at the Connecticut Correctional Institute, a state prison for women. She was active in church groups and served Skidmore as president of the Hartford alumni club. Peggy is survived by two sons and cousin Grace Kolby Barnes ’28; husband Ralph predeceased her in 1977.

Leston Somers Leitch ’36, of Rutland, VT, died Nov. 27, 1999, after a stroke and heart attack. She was a home economics major at Skidmore and taught high-school home economics in Madrid, NY, before raising a family. A devoted Skidmore volunteer, she was president of her class at the time of her death, serving for all but 10 years since her graduation. Leston also served as her class secretary, historian, reunion chair, and class agent. She was former vice president of the alumni board and president of the former alumni club of Essex Co., NJ. In 1986 she received an Outstanding Service Award from the alumni association. She also served at her local hospital, her church, the scouts, and United Way. Leston is survived by husband George, and by a son and daughter from a previous marriage.

Margaret Warner Rice ’37, of Ocean City, MD, died Jan. 9, 1997. An art major at Skidmore, she worked for many years at Lake Forest College, as head resident and later as librarian. She also worked as travel and recreation secretary for senior members of her Presbyterian church. Margot is survived by two daughters, a son, several grandchildren, and cousin Marjorie Page Powell ’38; husband Frank predeceased her.

Myra Maynard Dubois ’39, of Kingston, NY, died Feb. 7, 1995. A home economics major, she was a social worker in Ulster County for 24 years. She had been active in the scouts, the American Cancer Society, and her church. Myra is survived by a son and daughter from her first marriage; second husband Raymond predeceased her in 1980.

Nancy Edick Alt ’40, of Spring Lake, MI, died Oct. 19, 1999. She was a history major at Skidmore, taught social studies after graduation, and edited a garden magazine for several years. Along with hospital and church work, Nancy was active in her garden club and was a master judge and chair of the judges council of the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State. She served Skidmore as a class agent. Nancy is survived by husband John and niece Joanne Whitaker deBoer ’71.

Effie Gilders Perkins ’40, of Cedar Hill, TX, died on Aug. 21, 1998. She was a biology major at Skidmore and worked as a credit manager in a retail store until retiring in 1980. She had been involved with the PTA and her church. Effie is survived by two sons, a daughter, and grandchildren; husband George predeceased her.

Winifred Green Fuchs ’41, of Tarpon Springs, FL, died Dec. 8, 1999. A business major at Skidmore and former resident of Paramus, NJ, she worked as a secretary in the Glen Rock, NJ, school system and in several private businesses. Winnie was active in Bergen County politics. She and husband Lawrence moved to Florida when he retired in 1981. She is survived by a daughter, a son, and sister Barbara Green Ponder ’43; Larry predeceased her in 1986.

Cecelia Wellens Sandberg ’41, of Plantation, FL, died July 19, 1999. She was a theater major, and after earning an advanced degree, she taught remedial reading in NYC elementary schools. CeCe is survived by a son and grandchildren; husband Sandy and a daughter predeceased her.

Kathryn Rosenkeimer Gleason ’42, of Painesville, OH, died in July 1999, of Shy-Drager syndrome. A business major at Skidmore, she was a self-employed realtor. She was involved in the PTA and American Cancer Society, as well as her class’s 50th reunion. Kay is survived by husband Edward, and three sons and a daughter from a previous marriage.

Ann Gilmore Bruce ’43, of Lee, MA, died Dec. 31, 1999. A business major at Skidmore, she became certified to teach in 1964 and taught elementary school. She was active in the PTA and the SPCC. She served Skidmore as class president. Ann is survived by two sons, a daughter, and four grandchildren; husband Doug predeceased her earlier in the year.

Patricia Maloy Johnson ’43, of Lafayette, CO, died Nov. 22, 1999, of cancer. She was a psychology major. Patricia is survived by three sons, four grandchildren, and nieces Kathleen Stiles ’71 and Mary Ann Stiles-Elakman ’73. Sister Betty Maloy Stiles ’44, died Dec. 31, 1999; husband Walter predeceased her.

Mannette Neuman Lieblich ’43, of Deal, NJ, died at home on Nov. 2, 1999, after a short illness. A psychology major at Skidmore, she administered psychological tests at Fort Monmouth during World War II. She was active in civic and charitable causes in Paterson and Deal, most recently serving on the Deal Centennial Beautification Committee. She was a class agent and member of the former alumni club of North Jersey. Mannette is survived by husband Daniel, two daughters, including Nancy Lieblich Garson ’70, and five grandchildren.

Elizabeth Maloy Stiles ’44, of Lafayette, CO, died Dec. 31, 1999, of pneumonia. A business major at Skidmore, she earned a master’s in education from Wagner College in 1966 and taught school until retiring in 1989. She was president of the Lafayette Senior Center Advisory Board. She served Skidmore as class president, class agent, and reunion volunteer. Betty is survived by two sons, three daughters, including Kathleen Stiles ’71 and Mary Ann Stiles-Elakman ’73, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren; husband Charles and sister Patricia Maloy Johnson ’43 predeceased her.

Elizabeth Wilson Woods ’45, of Green Valley, AZ, died in November 1999. An art major at Skidmore, she was a substitute art teacher in Arlington and Norfolk, VA, public schools and at the Jewish Community Center. She was president of the Skidmore alumni club of Hawaii in the 1950s, when her husband, a Naval officer, was stationed there. Betts is survived by husband Charles, a son, and a daughter.

Margaret Doucett Bernick ’46, of Midlothian, VA, died Aug. 25, 1999. A home economics major, she was a home economist for National Biscuit Co. and J. Walter Thompson Co. before raising a family. She was involved with the Republican Women’s Club, YWCA, and town committees, as well as her local hospital and church. Dewey is survived by husband Roderick, a son, daughter, and sister Martha Doucett Ellis ’49.

Margaret Jackson Habermann ’47, of St. Paul, MN, died in July 1999. A theater major at Skidmore, she worked in theater for a few years after graduation. Meg earned a master’s in library science at the University of Minnesota and worked for the Minnesota Historical Society. After retiring, she served as librarian at her church. She was on the boards of Theatre St. Paul Inc. and the St. Paul Council of Arts and Sciences. Meg is survived by two daughters, two sons, and grandchildren.

Katherine Kline Gordon ’49, of Gainesville, FL, died Aug. 7, 1999. A nursing major at Skidmore, she earned a master’s in psychology from Columbia University in 1961. She was research assistant in the Englewood (NJ) Hospital mental health unit, a teacher in the Rutgers University extension homemaker training program, and a member of the executive committee of the Bergen County Association for Mental Health. She was also former president of the American Psychiatric Association Auxiliary. Kitty is survived by a son and three daughters; husband Richard predeceased her in 1994.Laura Bonanno Davis ’50, of Northbrook, IL, died. She was an art major at Skidmore and worked as an assistant interior decorator and advertising display stylist with Kling Studios in Chicago. She was involved in the scouts and her church and managed a hospital gift shop. She retired in 1997. She formerly served as treasurer of the alumni club of Chicago. Laura is survived by two daughters, and two sons.

Walter Zeh ’50, of Greenfield Center, NY, died Nov. 11, 1999. A philosophy major who attended Skidmore after World War II, he pursued his love of music as organist and music director at Saratoga’s First Presbyterian Church and as organist at Saratoga United Methodist Church. He was an administrative analyst with the New York State Office of General Services in Albany until his retirement. Walter is survived by wife Gretchen Wright Zeh ’57 and two sons.

Beverly Gross Westmen ’51, of Pinehurst, NC, died on Oct. 11, 1999. Beverly is survived by husband Robert.

William Simmermon ’52, of Worcester, MA, died Jan. 19, after a long illness. Before earning a degree in history from Skidmore, he served in the U.S. Air Force from 1939 to 1945 and earned a divinity degree in 1949. He was ordained in the Presbyterian church and served as a minister until 1969. He was then a rural mail carrier in Sudbury, MA, retiring in 1985. William is survived by wife Hazel, a son, two daughters, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Patricia Closs Pickel ’53, of Montreal, Canada, died Dec. 30, 1999, after a long illness. She graduated from McGill University with a degree in fine arts and painted for many years. Pat is survived by two sons, two daughters, and five grandchildren.

Kathryn Wiecking ’53, of Lakeport, NH, died Feb. 12, of cancer. Kathy majored in home economics and was an alto in the Sonneteers a cappella group. After graduation, she became an international gift buyer at Bloomingdale’s in NYC, then at Jordan Marsh in Boston and Apex in Rhode Island, before retiring to Lake Winnipesaukee. She served Skidmore as a reunion volunteer and class agent. In 1998 she established an endowed scholarship fund for students from Minnesota, to enable others from her home state to attend Skidmore. Kathryn has no survivors.

Nancy Crosier Newell ’57, of W. Hyannisport, MA, died Oct. 11, 1999, after a long illness. An English major at Skidmore, she worked at WOCB, Cape Cod’s first radio station, for 17 years. After earning an RN degree from Cape Cod Community College in 1984, she became certified as an acute spinal-cord-injury nurse. Nancy worked for 10 years at Cape Cod Hospital’s Extended Care Community. Nancy is survived by a son, daughter, and three grandchildren; husband Henry predeceased her in 1980.

Judith Wigglesworth Forker ’59, of Cleveland, OH, died Nov. 23, 1999, of pancreatic cancer. A graduate of Katherine Gibbs, she was a sales representative for Grande Maison de Blanc, a linen specialty shop. Judith is survived by a son, two daughters, and four grandchildren.

Alice Brunoli DeMund ’60, of W. Hartford, CT, died at home on Oct. 21, 1999, of cancer. A philosophy major at Skidmore, she earned an M.A. in philosophy from Trinity College in 1965. She served on hospital boards and the board of Hartford College for Women. In the 1970s, she was director of movement education at the Pomfret School, director of dance for a migratory children’s summer program, and dance instructor at W. Hartford School of Music. Most recently, she was a securities broker. She served Skidmore as a class agent. Alice is survived by two sons from a previous marriage and a grandson.

Judith Spotanski Tilbor ’73, of W. Simsbury, CT, died Nov. 13, 1999, in an automobile accident. An economics major at Skidmore, she received an M.B.A. from Boston University in 1975 and was vice president of integrated medical solutions at Hartford Life Inc. Judith is survived by husband Michael, a son, and a daughter.

Barry Segall ’79, of Morganville, NJ, was murdered on Sept. 9, 1999, in Union City, NJ. A real-estate developer, he was slain in the lobby of one of his buildings by a disgruntled employee. He was a government and history major at Skidmore and earned a J.D. degree at Cardozo Law in 1982. Barry is survived by wife Sharon and their children.

Nancy Caraboolad Hayes ’80, of Tampa, FL, died Oct. 31, 1998. An art major, she was a self-employed interior designer. Nancy is survived by husband Jim.


Sara Snodgrass, a member of Skidmore’s Department of Psychology from 1982 to 1989, died of breast cancer on February 12 at the age of 57. At the time of her death she was a tenured faculty member at Florida Atlantic University.

A social psychologist with a doctorate from Harvard University, Snodgrass’s research while at Skidmore focused on interpersonal sensitivity. She may, however, be remembered for a 1985 news spot on NBC’s Nightly News, which reported on her study of walking behavior undertaken to determine the relationship between certain personality traits and styles of walking.

She is survived by her partner, Jim Dunn, of Delray Beach, FL.


Trustee Emeritus Donald Reutershan died January 28 in Sag Harbor, NY, at the age of 77. He was member of the Skidmore College Board of Trustees for 26 years, serving as chair from 1979 to 1983. He was instrumental in the board’s decision in the early 1960s to build an entirely new campus and move the College from its downtown location to the north edge of Saratoga Springs.

Reutershan was educated at Hamilton College and Syracuse University College of Law. He also graduated from Harvard University’s Advanced Management Program. In 1983, Skidmore awarded him an honorary doctor of laws degree and named him an honorary member of the Class of 1945.

From 1942 to 1946, he served in the U. S. Army, reaching the rank of 2nd lieutenant.

During his nearly 40-year career as an insurance executive, he was affiliated with Glens Falls, Continental, Northwestern National, and Sentry insurance companies. In 1980, he was appointed to head the New York Insurance Exchange, the first attempt by the American insurance industry to create a marketplace similar to Lloyd’s of London. Throughout his career, he held positions on executive boards of numerous major insurance organizations.

Reutershan was a leader in his community, particularly in education, civic causes, and the Presbyterian church.

He is survived by his wife, Scott Navin Reutershan; two daughters, including Meredith Reutershan Salb ’72; a stepdaughter; and five grandchildren and two stepgrandchildren. He was predeceased by his first wife, Ellen Domin Reutershan ’45.


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