Scope Quiz: Who, what, when?
Trampolines? At Skidmore?
Who are these would-be acrobats? When and where did this take place? Did you ever jump on a trampoline in your student days?
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            From last time Fall Quiz 2001
Ski patrol? An avalanche of reminiscences—from “townies” as well as alumnae—agreed on the basics: The teacher was Ed Taylor, who ran Alpine Meadows ski area, north of town, and owned a ski shop on Court or Regent Street. What’s more, nearly everyone claimed they saw themselves or their classmates in the photo—including, with equal assurance, grads from ’39, ’46, ’51 through ’58, and ’63.
     After poring over yearbooks, trying to confirm any of the proposed identities, the Scope staff is persuaded that the pictured skiers are from the class of ’53. A label on the back of the photo gives a date of January 1952. It also gives the location not as Alpine Meadows but Darrows Ski Tow, a small slope west of town.