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On the cover: Michelle Obama's first campaign hire is now her deputy chief of staff. Read the story. (Photo by Mike Theiler)


Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrants sing freedom songs in the back of a bus heading from downtown Saratoga to the Skidmore campus. The city and campus observances included discussions of King's legacy in "the age of Obama." (Photo by Charlie Samuels)

Lessons in democracy
Skidmore's syllabus for enduring civic literacy

New voters, new media, new energy

Destination White House
Campaigning with the First Lady

McCain-Obama: Fair fight?
Reviewing the 2008 presidential race

Growing the grassroots
Scott Kennedy '87 films urban citizen action

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Who, what, when?

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Money and happiness, septic systems and watersheds, Montenegro and Kosovo, proteins and muscles... This year's Academic Festival showcases debate and dialectic in the sciences, humanities, arts, and every discipline in between.  Click here for the schedule.  

Time magazine has featured Skidmore in a report about admissions and financial aid -- here's the story.

Is Skidmore worth its $50K price tag? Scope will probe the real value of high-end private colleges -- from tuition and aid, to investment analyses, to the meaning of "a better life" -- in the upcoming fall issue. Watch for it in September.