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Summer 2000

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Club do’s

by Cynthia Shaw, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs

Albany Capital District
May. A first “End of Semester, Soon to be Summer, Over the Hump Day” reception was held on a lovely day in Albany—one of a few nice days in a very soggy spring. The Skidmore group gathered on the outdoor deck at the Big House Grill for lip-smacking appetizers, thirst-quenching libations, and lively conversations. Alumni from 1938 to 1999 mixed and mingled, as co-president Susan Geary ’99 kept the group in motion by making introductions and bringing people with similar interests together. In fact, four couples were Skidmore-Union marriages—talk about a lively group!

May. Front-and-center seats at the annual “Night at the Pops” concert in Symphony Hall were filled by more than 100 Skidmore alumni and friends. As Keith Lockhart conducted an orchestral tribute to the “best of Broadway,” another tribute should go to Peggy Frew-Nehms ’82, who coordinates this event from start to finish every year.

Florida: Naples
March. The Bandersnatchers all-male student a cappella group joined area alumni for the second annual buffet-lunch cruise on the Naples Princess, touring Naples Bay, Port Royal, and the Gulf of Mexico. Even the non-Skidmore passengers, and the crew, joined in the fun as the guys livened up the otherwise calm waterways with some rousing seafaring songs.

Florida: Sarasota
March. Ann Trainer Williams ’53 hosted a poolside cocktail reception at her home. To the delight of alumni and friends, the perfect weather and delicious refreshments were complemented by the charm and talent of the Bandersnatchers. After their rousing performance, it didn’t take much coaxing for the Banders to officially start their spring break with a dip in the pool.

April. After bidding the Bandersnatchers a fond farewell, club officers Jean Rowe Tourt ’50 and Sibyl Ringquist Connolly ’50 got swept up in the details of their next event: a luncheon and lecture on Turkish rugs. A well-known rug dealer provided a display of new and old tribal rugs, as well as a few how-to’s and why-knots of what to look for in a good rug.

Florida: Southeast
March. Club co-president Connie Talcott Smith ’63 arranged for a memorable twilight cocktail cruise on the Intracoastal with the crowd-pleasing Bandersnatchers. A large turnout of Skidmore alumni and friends thoroughly enjoyed a shipboard Banders concert just as the sun set on the waterway. Then the group disembarked for dinner at Charley’s Crab House. There the Banders could not refuse the repeated requests for a few more songs over dessert, and the evening endedwith everyone standing and singing along for the alma mater.

May. Club president,Marge O’Meara Storrs ’57 and host Gail Williams Herson ’69 brought local alumni together to learn how Skidmore recruits, selects, and enrolls its strong freshman classes. Dean of Enrollment and College Relations Kent Jones and Director of Admissions Mary Lou Bates gave an insider’s view of what it takes to work through 5,400 applications to build a freshman class of 580. After hearing the average grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities and accomplishments of the applicant pool, those in the audience were not surprised to learn that this year’s was the most competitive admissions season in the College’s history.

North Carolina
May. Lynn Faught ’73 decided to “Celebrate Spring” with a lovely Sunday brunch and Skidmore friends. A small but lively group broke their fast with a bountiful feast and recalled fond memories of spring days at Skidmore.

April. Love was in the air, with a glimpse back in time—way back. Ann Moses Douglas ’56, Pamela Schick Kelsey ’70, Phyllis Steinberg Marchand ’61, and Inez Zagoreos Scribner ’62 invited Skidmore classicists Michael Arnush and Leslie Mechem to talk about the ever- popular, probably eternal, battle between the sexes. After enjoying a wonderful dinner at the historic Nassau Club, the husband-and-wife faculty duo enthralled the gathering of alumni and friends as they read love letters from antiquity. Written by poets, orators, and others, the letters revealed ancient attitudes toward love, marriage, children, sex, and death—and also proved that little has changed over the last 2,500 years.

San Francisco
April. Professor Ralph Ciancio (English) flew to the West Coast to make sure his former students and other alums were up-to-date on their knowledge of Vladimir Nabokov. Over a delightful brunch at the Delancey Street Restaurant, Ciancio led an entertaining discussion on the genius of the author of the notorious Lolita. As the program concluded, he gave co-presidents Josephine Leach Lewis ’57 and Michele Forte ’90 an “A” for organizing such an enjoyable event.

April. Louise Pellissier Grzybowski ’64 opened her home for the annual potluck smorgasbord and auction (see page 32). The evening raised close to $900 for Skidmore’s alumni scholarship fund.

Student Alumni Society
During Leadership Council in April, the SAS sponsored its second annual “Real World” program. The event brings alumni from the ’90s and ’80s back to campus to meet with current students and share their experiences with real life after Skidmore, from graduate school to careers to volunteering. The participants were:

  • Graduate school: Justin Model ’91 (M.B.A.), Marianne Mustafa ’94 (medical school), Jim Harrod ’96 (law school), Jamie Lake ’97 (law school and higher education), Michelle Ritorto ’99 (chemistry)
  • Running a business: Will Pouch ’86 (Esperanto restaurant), Jonathan Singer ’92 (printing company), Todd Nation ’98 (Subway sandwich franchise)
  • Arts: Julianne Kelley ’91 (film-music producer), Chris Vivier ’97 (art teacher), Marty Zentz ’98 (theater)
  • Financial planning: Jason Kurchner ’81 (Kurchner Management), Anthony Llano ’97 (Chase Manhattan Bank)
  • Internet: Ken Freirich ’90 (, Amy Strauch ’90 (what!design), Jeff Treuhauft ’91 (consultant), Justin Model ’91 (Predict It Inc.)
  • Alternatives: Eric Goss ’96 (Vista), Leila Joseffer ’97 (Americorps), Roy Geiser ’98 (teaching in China)

The SAS finished the year with its ever-popular end-of-term fundraiser: “survival kits” that parents can order for their children, to provide them with a supply of goodies to help them through the rigors of final exam week. This spring the SAS delivered well over 200 packages to hard-studying students around campus.

Washington, D.C.
May. Roberta Sodsisky Biegel ’62 brought together more than 75 alumni and friends to “Discover the Capitol” with Professor James Kettlewell (art history, emeritus). Armed with a megaphone and an astounding wealth of knowledge, Kettlewell led a three-hour tour of one of the greatest examples of art made in America. Kettlewell provided fascinating insights on the Capitol’s architecture inside and out, as well as on the art housed within it. In typical Kettlewell style, he also brought to light many little-known anecdotes and facts. Following the tour, some of the group walked over to Union Station for food, beverages, and more enlightening discussions.


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