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Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
815 N. Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1632

The Class of 1980 is looking for a new class secretary/communicator. If you are interested in this volunteer position, please contact class notes editor Mary Monigan at the address above.

Linda Comacho Johnson has been teaching for 23 years. Currently a fifth-grade teacher in a gifted and talented magnet-school program, Linda finds the students interesting and challenging. Her own children—ages 13, 11, and 10—enjoy school and play soccer.

Mary Vail is “thrilled” that daughter Katie will be joining Skidmore as a member of the Class of 2007.


Elizabeth Deckenbach Felder

In July 2002 Apple Ives Hopkins moved to Wooster, OH, where her husband works for the College of Wooster’s college relations office. Children Anna, 14, Callie, 11, and Sarah, 4, are adjusting to small-town life, while Apple is considering job ideas in anticipation of her youngest attending school full-time.

Carol Ridge Martinez is director of housing for the City of Chelsea, MA, where she is working on opening a 24-unit supportive housing development for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

After spending two years in England followed by a two-year stint in Virginia, Deborah Bell Pickett, her husband, and children Emily, 15, Claire, 13, and Sam, 7, have returned to Indiana. Currently a stay-at-home mom, Deborah is a former Army reservist and public policy researcher at the Hudson Institute.

Alan Falkoff “hardly recognized the old school” when he took son Max, 17, and daughter Carly, 14, to Skidmore during their college search tour. Alan was named chief of the new department of family practice at Stamford (CT) Hospital. He’d like to hear from Skidmore friends at Falball@aol.com.


Angela Foss

Karen Schwartz Abraham and husband Natan welcomed son Noah shortly after Reunion last year and are “enjoying every sleepless moment of parenthood.”

A month after Reunion, Peggy Frew Nehms was back in Saratoga to bring daughter Haley to Skidmore’s Adirondack Life Sciences Institute, a summer science program for junior-high girls. Haley and Peggy highly recommend the program.

In November Beth Unger married Mike Stallkamp. They live in Los Angeles, where Mike is an engineer in management at Boeing Satellite Systems.

Fritz Wahl and wife Carlene welcomed son John in March.

Joel Bresler and wife Laurel live in Cleveland, where he is a Skidmore admissions contact and club member. They plan to relocate to Tucson by the end of this year. Joel has started a company called Dial Professional Group Inc., which specializes in executive searches and recruitment of professionals in health care. He is also attempting to get a book published. Joel stays in touch with Doug Kelly, an art director for Government Computer News magazine, who resides in Montclair, VA, with his wife, Laura, and their two daughters.

Glen Bronstein and wife Eva welcomed son Jack in February. The family of six lives in a small town in northern New Jersey, where Eva is a pediatrician. Glen is corporate counsel and general manager of domestic operations for American International Group.

Three walls of mosaic murals created by artist Concetta Morales Rothwell, entitled “We Stick Together: Home at Sea Preserving Freedom,” were dedicated this spring at the Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center in Waterloo, IA. The piece commemorates the 60th anniversary of the loss of the U.S.S. Juneau and the Sullivan brothers, servicemen who died on the ship during World War II. Concetta also designed and produced two mosaic murals and a floor for the Mitchellville, IA, rest area plaza located on I-80 West.

Vicary Graham, managing director of Mellon Financial, was elected board chair of the Greater Boston Food Bank. She thanks Skidmore’s Boston club “for supporting the organization with their volunteers.”

Michelle Berman Marchildon moved from Los Angeles to the Rocky Mountains several years ago. She and husband Mike love to take their boys Sam, 8, and Teddy, 6, skiing, fishing, camping, and to their basketball, soccer, and baseball games. Michelle is also busy restoring the family’s home.


Lilly Jaray Ostrove

Mitchell Schwartz is back in Palm Beach, FL, after an extensive stay in India, where he was coordinating the delivery of medical treatment to the poor and afflicted, in his position as president of the Kingston Foundation, a nonprofit corporation. The organization has previously sponsored Native Americans, missionaries, an orphanage, and a school for the blind.

In San Francisco for the last seven years, Jocelyn Grayson and husband Mark Breslauer have two children: Andrew, 11, and Amanda, 6. After being in corporate finance and analysis for more than 15 years, Jocelyn became a dot-com statistic several years ago. She decided to take her career in a new direction and started her own kitchen and bath design business. She is also CEO of a part-time chauffeuring business with her two children and their friends as her exclusive clients!

Andrea Davis Belmessieri and husband Jim are thrilled to be back on the East Coast. Newly transplanted back to New Jersey, they are busy renewing relationships with old friends.

Sadly, Cathy Crawford Luckenbach died in May. Even her 10-year battle with cancer couldn’t diminish her joyful and outgoing spirit. Bill Ladd recalls phoning her in February about plans for our 20th Reunion. “The first thing she said was, ‘What can I do to help?’ I was just floored. This was a woman confined to a wheelchair and breathing through a ventilator tube. But that was Cathy. Always trying to lighten someone else’s load. Skidmore was special to her, as she was to many of us. Cathy really wanted to be at Reunion.” We extend our condolences to her husband, Leonard, and son Daniel, 10.


Jacqueline Haberfeld

Jacqueline Quallo has been enjoying painting and drawing in pastels and oil crayons, focusing on African American themes. She has had several shows of her work in the Saratoga area.

Arianne VanVliet and husband Nicolas Veneri live in Ridgewood, NJ, with their boys: Christian, 8, and Justyn, 5. Arianne is beginning her 13th year at Hackensack University Medical Center, where she is an oncology research nurse clinician. When not busy with family and career demands, Arianne and Nick are plugging away at home or yard projects.

Patrick and Jackie Lazrus Maidman are “happy as heck” in Portland, ME, with kids Allison, 13, Beatrice, 11, and Jonathan, 2. The couple stays in touch with a bunch of Skidmore buddies.

Kate Sedgewick Davidson, husband Charles Davidson ’81, and children Charlie, 9, and Sarah, 7, live in the Washington, DC, area. Kate has her own landscape architecture business. She loves working from home but says things get a little crazy at times between the kids, the dog, and her practice.

Janet Gordon Koupash is director of victim services for the New York State Department of Correctional Services. She enjoyed mentoring Skidmore student intern Nancy Ewing ’02 and hopes to continue to have the opportunity to mentor social-work interns. She enjoys camping with husband Tom and son Ian.

MaryAnn Boyer lives in Philadelphia and teaches science to second- through fourth-graders, with a focus on environmental science—quite a change, she says, from teaching high-school and middle-school science. MaryAnn’s kids are now 10, 9, and 7 years old.

In West Orange, NJ, Mark Nathan is vice president of licensing for Forever Collectibles, a sports collectibles manufacturer. He stays in touch with Laura Soper and Scott Budd in Cos Cob, CT; John Broomfield in Atlanta, GA; and Allison Stein in California. Mark would love to hear from classmates in the area.

Dale Schultz Lazarovitch, who runs an industrial and janitorial supply company, says she was snowed under in New Jersey last winter but by springtime was playing in the grass with Ethan, 9, Rachel, 7 and Noah, 5. Dale misses the good old days of hanging out at the Metro and Barclay’s, and looks forward to kicking it with old friends at our reunion next year.

Suzanna “Zany” Benson Rumon and husband Kevin are happy to be back in the San Francisco Bay area, living in Marin County after two years in San Diego. They have moved into an 1865 “fixer-upper” with lots of curb appeal. They’re enjoying son Lyle and dog Idi. Zany invites “the tacky women to come visit on their way to Napa.”

Cindy Erickson Zarker just had a baby girl, Abigail, who joins 3-year-old son Jack. This spring Cindy had lunch with Claudia Winkler, whose busy travel calendar includes trips to South America and New Zealand.

Ben and Laura Moliterno Bressler organize interesting and educational eco-travel all over the world.

Virginia Vincent Sperry and husband Vincent, married for 17 years, have a golden retriever and no kids. Virginia is celebrating the fifth anniversary of owning her own art studio in historic Ellicott City, MD. Check out her Web site at www.wintermoondesigns.com.

Susanne Turner-LaBonte and husband Gerry live in Charleston, RI, with children Pierce, 14, Ryan, 11, Sierra, 4, and Nicholas, almost 2.

Claudia Winkler works for Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado in Denver; Keith Desrosiers ’93 recently joined their staff. She has enjoyed spending time with Ellen Steingesser Malasky and Bruce Malasky ’85 on their visits to Colorado over the years.

Richard Galbraith is a legislative fellow for Senator Pete Domenici. Rick is working on homeland security issues and was interviewed for the National Geographic documentary Nuclear Terrorism: Blinding Horizons, which aired on National Geographic’s Explorer show in October.

Melissa Fricke O’Dell has been living in NYC since 1984, when she graduated as a nursing major. On staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for 18 years, she now works part-time in ambulatory care with chemotherapy patients. Ed, her husband of 15 years, owns a graphic design business. Melissa and Ed have two great kids: son Ryder, 10, and daughter Dallas, 8.

Joe and Mary Ann Hoover Gulyas have been married for 19 years. Daughter Melanie is a high-school sophomore, and son J.J., 12, takes flying lessons at Saratoga Airport. Joe has a chiropractic practice in Clifton Park, and Mary Ann is the music director of the Brown School. In June, the couple helped Jonathan Halpert celebrate his 40th birthday in Albany. Last summer Mary Ann and Joe visited Larry and Anne Kornrumpf Samowitz and family in Portland, ME.

Cynthia Zarker, Audrey Frank Aponte, Martha Clawson Bjorklund, Lee Burpee Records ’82, and Carrie Wollerman Stein ’82 enjoyed the wedding of Sally Dewey Jensen ’82 in Boylston, MA, and took the opportunity to share Skidmore memories and photos of their children.

Donna Lesser lives in East Northport, NY, with Lauren, 10, and Jason, 6. Donna practices infectious-disease medicine in Suffolk County. In October she attended the bat mitzvah of Pat and Jackie Lazrus Maidman’s daughter Alison.

Georgia Guyott Bruggeman has been self-employed as a certified financial planner and registered investment advisor for 10 years. When not spending time with her boys Matthew, 5, and Andrew, 4, she loves being a bodybuilder. Last summer was her first at a new house she built on Lieutenant Island in Wellfleet, MA (Cape Cod), kayaking and boating. In the fall she had surgery for a ruptured disc. Georgia would love to hear from classmates at georgia.bruggeman@gte.net.

Lesley Littleton Kennally and husband have been busy renovating an antique colonial house in Hollisten, MA. Lesley’s son James was born last July; he joins Jenna, 5.

Wendy Mitchell O’Sullivan sends greetings from Texas, where she and husband Jon have two children: Mathew, 12, and Megan, 10. Jon started a health-care financial management company, Value Management Group, seven years ago. The couple’s children attend school at the Episcopal School of Dallas, where Wendy teaches kindergarten.

Michele Galasso Irvine and children Jimmy, 14, and Stephanie, 7, live in Rye Brook, NY, where she is a French teacher at the School of the Holy Child. Michele would love to hear from Chris Bond, wherever he is.

Diane Hutchinson Reilly lives in Darien, CT, with Paul Jr., 12, Nathaniel, 9, and Caroline, 4. She is a photographer, specializing in black-and-white children’s portraits, and still plays tennis. Diane and six classmates met in North Carolina last April to celebrate their 40th birthdays in style!

Cathy Heine Kellstrom lives in Chatham, NJ, with her husband and kids Kirsten, 13, Lindsey, 9, Mark, 6, and Michael, 5. Cathy enjoys her family, golf, and volunteering.

Melissa Thodos Johnston lives in Chicago with her husband and twins Sophia and Olivia, age 2. She runs her own dance company, Melissa Thodos and Dancers.

Sara Taylor Bramah and husband live in London with son Daniel, 4. She misses the U.S. (and her friends).

Kim Murphy Wilson lives in Rye, NY, with her husband and children Katie, 6, and Henry, 4. Kim works at Bloomberg & Co.

Tammy Chittick Langalis, her husband, and their boys Christian, 8, and Andrew, 5, live in Rowayton, CT, where she loves gardening and volunteering.

Don van Rhyn and wife Connie live in Greenwich, CT, with their two sons. Matthew, 8, is learning the cello at the Riverside School (Don has started piano to encourage his efforts). Don says son Hans, 4, “draws better than I ever could. It is obvious he gets those genes from his mother, and we sometimes think we should have gone with our first impulse and named him Rembrandt (another Ôvan Ryn’).” Don’s new e-mail address is DM@vanRhyn.com.

Katherine Weil lives in Portland, OR, and works in wildlife conservation as a bush pilot and zookeeper of wolves and bears. She sees a lot of Jerusha Gardner Perry ’83. Katy and husband Bill—a biologist she married last July—got together with Michele Colman ’84 and Steve Fugazy ’82 in Florida in February. Katy misses her friends on the East Coast, but loves the Pacific Northwest.

In July 2002 Lisa Conrad Larkin left a full-time academic position at the University of Cincinnati to open her own solo practice in internal medicine and women’s health and menopause. Although she still teaches part-time as an adjunct, she is now a full-time clinician. Lisa reports that her practice is thriving, and the transition has been exciting.

In March Teena Willard started working at Schenectady City Hall as an advocate for city residents who are physically and mentally disabled.

As for me: Last July I left my litigation position at Weil Gotshal & Manges, where I had been practicing since 1996. I’m now looking for a position supervising litigation in-house at a corporation. I married Hal Biagas in November in Barbados, West Indies, and in February we had a baby, Rebecca. Among those who couldn’t attend the wedding were Donielle Offerman Leigh, who stayed in Ramsey, NJ, with husband Joseph Leigh and children Jacob and Jessica, and Helen Kim Balboni, a banker with Fleet Bank in Boston, who is enjoying the addition she and husband Chuck built on their new house in Andover, MA. I keep in touch with Debbie Hansen Tarricone ’85, mom of Chiara, Nicholas, AJ, and Joseph. Her husband, Anthony Tarricone, puts the A and the T in ATI gas stations, familiar to those of you who live in New York. I also keep up with Michael Marcus ’85 and Lukas Horn ’86, who own and operate Camp Greylock in Beckett, MA.


Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
815 N. Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1632

The Class of 1985 is looking for a new class secretary/ communicator. If you are interested in this volunteer position, please contact class notes editor Mary Monigan at the address above.

Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln has selected two paintings by Norwood Creech to be hung in her D.C. office for the next two years as part of an exhibition of Arkansas artists. Also, when the small town of Lepanto, AR, was used in the filming of John Grisham’s A Painted House, which aired on network television in April, Norwood was featured as an extra.

In Boston Vinca Jarrett is an entertainment attorney with film music industry clients in LA, New York, and throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She is also president of FilmPro Finance, a financial consulting firm for production companies in Hollywood and New York. Among her clients are Cosmic Entertainment, Icon, and Romano-Shane Productions, whose most recent film was the hit Catch Me If You Can. She would love to hear from any Skiddies in the film and music industries. Vinca also lectures around the world on film finance and issues surrounding entertainment law. You may contact her through www.vincajarrett.com.

Valerie Bugey Bowman was appointed VP of advisory services in the Philadelphia office of Chesterton Blumenauer Binswanger, a real estate firm serving multinational corporations around the globe. She was previously national account manager for Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate and retail leasing firm, where she managed the U.S. General Service Administration and NovaCare Rehabilitation accounts. She also sits on the board of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


Anne Chorske Stuzin

Chip Williams and wife Lisa announce the birth of daughter Brooke in December; she joins sister Katherine.

Henry Malkasian lives in London, where he is a bond trader at a major investment bank at Canary Wharf and pursuing graduate study. He invites any pals from Moore Hall, the Algonquin, etc., to contact him and, if in London, stay with him anytime. He can be reached at britishmg@yahoo.com.

Jody Rose Platt has been an officer at the U.S. Information Service, now part of the U.S. Department of State, for the past decade. She holds a Ph.D. from American University.

After years of dreaming about it, Brian Singer has his own studio and released his first CD, Past & Present, a collection of new material and remixes of tunes that he previously recorded. Brian, who is assistant VP of corporate accounts at Ecolab, can be reached at brian.singer@ecolab.com.


Jennifer Weisberg Millner

Kristen Schupp Cormier gave birth to Teddy in September. He joins sisters Hailey, 7, and Hanna, 5.

Anne Faber Root and husband Jamie welcomed daughter Ellie in November; she joins sister Emma and brother Ian. The Roots are moving to a new residence in Chicago and want to stay in touch with Skidmore buddies at faberroot@aol.com.


Tracy Richards Dingmon

Leslie Costello Skae and husband Peter celebrated the birth of daughter Keara in January; she joins brother Ryan, 5.

After many happy years in Baltimore, Sheena Dee Withers moved back to Cleveland, OH, where her husband runs Thistledown racetrack and she works for Morgan Stanley. A perennial guest in Saratoga in August, Sheena invites classmates traveling in the Cleveland area to call 800-755-5755 for good seats at Thistledown.

Joan Monahan Kubricky and Florence Andresen ’57 were named Women of Distinction by the Adirondack Council of the Girl Scouts in April.

In June CNN picked up an AP story on initial criminal hearings in Fallujah, Iraq, where Rob Resnick—chief of justice for the U.S. Army’s 3rd Infantry Division—is stationed. Within three days of his arrival in the city, where anti-American sentiments are prevalent, Rob had “tracked down judges, arranged their pay, and organized the first hearings,” according to the AP report. “I don’t get into politics,” Rob stated. “ I don’t know if [the Iraqis] like us, but they are willing to work with the coalition to get things started.” Rob notes that the writer left out at least one very important quote: “He asked me how I learned to do this, and I said it was all based on my outstanding education at Skidmore College. He smiled and wrote it down, but it didn’t make it in. I tried.” (For more about Rob’s work in Iraq, see People & Projects at right.)


Cynthia Urick Stickles

Last fall Dave Harmon and the “Boys from Hickory B” gathered in Saratoga Springs for a long weekend of stories, good food, and late nights on Phila and Caroline Streets. Here are the current facts about each: Dan Aronson lives in Minnesota with wife Martha and their two children, works in the financial world, and still plays softball. Jamie Rogers is a VP for Texas Industries and lives in Dallas with wife Ann and their two children. Tim Lynch teaches biology and anatomy at a private school in Philadelphia, where he lives with wife Jill and one child. Jonathan Wolfman and wife Emily Wiadro Wolfman ’90 live in Connecticut with their three kids. Jonathan is a consultant to Fortune 100 companies and still involved in the arts. Dave Harmon, wife Nikki, and their three children live in the Washington, DC, area, where Dave is VP of human resources for AOL and still plays basketball and softball. Kurt Breitenstein and wife Susanne live in New Jersey, where Kurt is a banking executive who still plays “snooker.” Rob Land is an executive for Jet Blue Airways and lives in Washington, DC, with wife Erika and their two kids. Dan Messer ’90 is a broker in NYC and New Jersey. He and wife Alyssa have two kids. Sasha Salerno ’90 is a doctor/lawyer living in New Jersey with “a little bit of the wild child still in him!”

Margie Engelman Grodsky is busy at home with Samantha 9, Ben, 6, and Alyson, 2. When she can steal some time, she heads for her pottery studio.

In December Sam Turner and wife Anne welcomed son Jack, who is being looked after by sister Grace, 4. Sam reports, “We are all well and enjoying life in Sonoma, CA.”

Doug Stern and wife Amy celebrated the birth of Jeremy last August.

Bob Davis and wife Aimee live in Shrewsbury, MA, with Martin, 4, Lillian, 3, and Natalie, who arrived in November. Bob purchased a family industrial distribution business, giving it third-generation family ownership. Business is going very well, despite the economy. He gets together with Marc Berkowitz and wife Sherry several times a year.

Last summer Alix Hart and husband Mark Wheeler opened their home on the Maine coast to a bunch of ’89ers, including Mel Maloney and husband Jeff Woods; Kim Davis; and Randi Sidman Moore, husband Roland, and their daughter, Danielle.

After living in the Northeast her whole life, Bayard Heussler moved to Salt Lake City, UT, in June. Offered a promotion, she is now heading up the retirement counselors for Fidelity Tax-Exempt Services Company in the western U.S. She and husband Steven Little look forward to some awesome powder skiing and acclimating their 210-pound English mastiff, Max, to his new environs. Bayard welcomes e-mail from classmates at bayard.heussler@fmr.com.

Laura Kingsbury Rime and husband Nelson welcomed first child Lucy last August. Laura has given up corporate life and enjoys staying home with her little girl.

Mary Gannon is deputy editor of Poets & Writers magazine and has had several of her own poems appear in the Paris Review and Washington Square. She lives in NYC with husband Norman Vanamee, senior editor of Lucky magazine. They often see Larry Siegel, Dave and Charity Handler Lefferts—who have two children, Lucy and Caitlin—and Sarah Lutz, a painter whose work was featured in April at The Painting Center in Manhattan. Sarah is married to fellow artist John Van Renz; they have two daughters: Lilah and Eve.

Diana Perry Gilson and husband Bill are enjoying life with Will III, who is nearly 2. Diana loves working full-time as a neonatologist in Boston.

Melisse Gerson Burstein and husband Mark welcomed second child Danielle in May 2001. Mark is VP of sales at New Generation Computer Software, and Melisse is manager at Gerson, Preston, Robinson & Co., specializing in litigation support. The couple hosted Robin Forester Kauff, husband Noah, and their two boys, and Marjorie Kehm Roney and husband Stephen (without their three kids) in Miami Beach this year. Wendy Waldstein Sims visited in April for a “girls’ night out.”

Amy Bergman Bonomi and husband John were thrilled with the arrival of daughter Liza Jane in November. Skidmore friends Susan Schack, Ian Sinclair, Gregory Rutchik ’87, and Alyssa Rutchik Padial ’91 have all been to visit.

During a corporate trip to the Olympic facilities in Lake Placid, NY, Rob Land spoke with many current and former Olympians—including gold medalists, from whom he learned that Curt Schreiner, once a Skidmore freshman, was a medalist who represented the U.S. in three winter Olympics! Rob and Curt are now in touch via e-mail.

New York State child protective specialist Barbara Searles Gregorek and husband Gary enjoy being new homeowners in Ballston Spa. They have two children, ages 13 and 10. Barbara welcomes e-mail from classmates at BGregorek@aol.com.

Garry and Angela Mata Simpson reside in Westport, CT, with Nicholas, 6, and Katie, 3. Garry has started a new company, Chili Systems, which provides networking products and services to businesses and schools. Angela teaches art full-time at Staples High School and is working toward her master’s in art education from Southern Connecticut State. In May, the Simpsons attended a Skidmore club event at the Cloisters in NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The tour was led by none other than art history professor Penny Jolly, who taught the class in which the Simpsons met during freshman year.

Douglas Bachelis is a marketing manager at USA Today and attends business school at Pace University. Son Taylor, a kindergartener, keeps him very busy.

Courtney Lane is a litigation associate with Cain Hibbard Myers & Cook in Great Barrington, MA, where husband Ian Mitchell is a computer programmer with Zenn New Media. Daughter Hannah Sirois is in fifth grade, and daughter Emma Mitchell, 2, “is adorable, but very fresh.” Courtney invites anyone in the beautiful Berkshires to contact her at clane@cainhibbard.com.

Matt Bernstein lives in Silver Spring, MD, with his wife and 1-year-old son and welcomes e-mail from classmates at mattbernstein@theforprofitcompany.com.

Timothy Lynch, wife Jill, and daughter Julia, 2, spent a weekend in the Poconos with Kurt Breitenstein and wife Susanne earlier this year.

Deborah Hunter Colella and husband John welcomed daughter Charlotte last July; she joins brothers Benson, 5, and Samuel, 4. Debbie is at home with the kids in Wrentham, MA.

Seth and Amy Judelsohn Gordon ’93 announce the birth of son Harrison in March. He is the nephew of Amy Gordon Rodriguez ’87 and grandson of Barbara Harrison Judelsohn ’65. The proud parents celebrated Harrison’s bris with family and friends, including Cliff Greene, Jim Sage ’90, and Sarah O’Hare Sage ’92.

In Los Angeles Kristin Welch Zurek and husband Maryan welcomed son Niko in April; he joins sister Sofie, 5.

I visited Ellen Carney Granda, husband Joe, and son Will on a trip to Chicago. We spent a Sunday morning walking around Chicago and catching up before my flight back to New York.


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