Scope Quiz: Who, what, when?
Ski patrol or fashion squad? Where did this skiing lesson take place, and when? And who is that begoggled beefcake demonstrating the snowplow technique?
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            From last time Fall Quiz 2001
Dunce caps? Susan Rabinowitz Malloy ’45 promptly phoned in her recollection that, “as a freshman, you had to wear a bib with your name on it. If you forgot your bib, you had to wear a dunce cap for dinner.” Alumni may remember other hazing stunts, such as being told to drop your books, or to wear mismatched or odd-colored clothing, or—as in this photo—to eat from the wrong end of the silverware. Rabinowitz also recalls that after the first few months, “we burned the bibs in a huge bonfire on campus—somewhere close to the science building, I think.”