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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

The photo essay on faculty dogs and their owners [fall 2004] brought back memories of several campus dogs from my era. Dean McCrury’s dog Laurie loved to sprawl on the sidewalk outside Fathers Hall on a sunny day. And drama majors will remember Maggie Clifford’s crazy, undisciplined dog, Jeremiah—she could often be seen chasing him up and down Union Avenue. We even had guest dogs for the production of Patience during the first “January term”: One of the professional actors came with two Hungarian pulis, Gladwyn and Eliza, who sat patiently in the dressing room while their master was on stage. Thanks for the memories!

Dana Warner Fisher ’71
Crawfordsville, Ind.

I enjoyed the photos of Skidmore professors and their beautiful, cherished dogs, but I was disappointed to read nothing in the captions about shelter rescues. Every year in the United States 8-10 million adoptable cats and dogs are destroyed at shelters because of a shortage of homes. I would hope that everyone would adopt a shelter animal before buying a designer dog from a breeder. Maybe some of the professors and their companions did meet through shelters, and if so, that should be celebrated.

Maryanne Byington ’67
New York, N.Y.

Sharing preservation
I want to congratulate the editors and staff on the great new Scope format [fall 2004]. Also it was very nice to read about the preservation of the historic Saratoga church. I like the fact that community and college—since we share the same environment—have similar interests.

Kathryn Schrade
Saratoga Springs, N.Y.