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January 1, 1970

Faculty-Staff Achievements, May 19, 2013


Matthew Hockenos, associate professor and chair, Department of History, led a discussion about the movie Barbara and its wider historical context May 19 at the Saratoga Film Forum. The movie tells the story of a brainy doctor who makes the mistake of appealing to her government for permission to move to the West during the time when the Berlin Wall was in existence and the secret police were operating in Germany.

Mary Zeiss Stange
Mary Zeiss Stange

Mary Zeiss Stange, professor of women's studies and religion, has been named an expert member of the U.S. Delegation to the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC). In that capacity she attended the CIC's World Forum for Sustainable Hunting in Budapest, Hungary, April 27-30. The theme of the Forum was "Hunting: Conserving Wildlife--Key to Global Cultural Heritage. Stange did a presentation on "Mother Nature's Daughters: Women Hunters and the Changing Face of American Environmentalism" as part of the Artemis working group on female hunting and environmental sustainability.


nathan book

Dan Nathan, associate professor and chair, Department of American Studies, is the editor of a new book titled Rooting for the Home Team: Sport Community and Identity (2013, University of Illinois Press). The book examines how various American communities create and maintain a sense of collective identity through sports.

Denise Warner Limoli, associate professor of dance, has written her first book, titled Dance in Saratoga Springs (2013, The History Press). The story begins with the 19th-century floral fetes in Saratoga Springs and on to the development of Skidmore’s dance program,

limoli book

SPAC, local dance schools, the National Museum of Dance, and developments in ballet and modern dance in the city through the years.

In the News

Sue Van Hook, who recently retired from Skidmore and began working with Evocative Design in Green Island, N.Y., is featured in a May 20, 2013, New Yorker article titled Form and Fungus: Can mushrooms help us get rid of Styrofoam?



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