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  • African+drumming+and+dance+performance
    A vibrant performance by music professor Ruth Opara’s African Drumming and Dance course transported Skidmore students to southeastern Nigeria, where Opara grew up.
    Dec 7 2018
  • anthropology+professor+Joowon+Park
    In his Scribner Seminar, anthropology professor Joowon Park is using the vibrant, South Korean music phenomenon known as K-pop to help first-year students explore interdisciplinary ideas and acclimate to the rigors of academic life at Skidmore College.
    Dec 4 2018
  • Student+hangs+legs+over+a+chair+in+the+library+
    "Skidmore’s array of interdisciplinary and entirely one-of-a-kind classes exposed my true interests. Everything had been bubbling inside me waiting to manifest itself," said Jenny Lupoff '19
    Dec 4 2018
  • Juleyka+Lantigua-Williams+%E2%80%9996
    Meet Juleyka Lantigua-Williams ’96, a government major who loved her genetics class and was on the construction team for the theater company. Today, she’s a storyteller opening media to more people of color.
    Dec 4 2018


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