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Integrative Learning

Preparing Socially Responsible Graduates for Complexity, Diversity and Change
Skidmore College is committed to integrative learning as a means to prepare students to be socially responsible citizens in a complex world characterized by diversity and continual change. Integrative learning happens across disciplinary boundaries, over time as one progresses through a Skidmore education, through connecting curricular and co-curricular experiences, and across the border between the campus and the broader world beyond.
Skidmore students engage in integrative learning from their very first semester at Skidmore via their first-year seminar, where they consider a topic through an interdisciplinary lens. Campus partners such as the Tang Teaching Museum and Scribner Library provide opportunities for students to make connections: cultivate a breadth and depth of knowledge; connect theory to practice; acquire transferable intellectual and practical skills; and develop self-awareness.
Integrative learning will be bolstered through Skidmore’s Center for Integrated Sciences (CIS), a state-of-the art transformational learning space. The center, whose first phase was completed in 2020 and is now open, is designed as a hub where unique interdisciplinary connections between and among the sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences can be cultivated through a general education curriculum, delivery of majors, minors and programs, and opportunities for collaborative research and creative work across disciplines.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)




First-Year Experience

We know that students who don’t connect in a rich and meaningful way with faculty members and peers, and who fail to identify an intellectual interest or passion, are less likely to succeed. That’s why Skidmore developed the First-Year Experience.


Off-Campus Study  

Nearly 60% of our students study off campus, placing Skidmore seventh in the nation among the top 40 baccalaureate institutions for the number of students studying abroad for one semester. Students can choose from approximately 120 approved programs in 45 countries.


Summer Programs 

During the summer, students find a distinctive array of academic programs, intensive institutes, lecture series, artist-scholar residencies, and community programs that serve everyone from high school and college students to graduate students and professionals.



Student-Faculty Research

Skidmore's Summer Faculty Student Research Program provides students with a unique opportunity to work with faculty on original research in disciplines ranging from biology to business, including English, physics, dance, and economics.


Service Learning

Service-learning coursework includes community service as an experiential learning technique to deepen students’ understanding of course content, to build their skills in the application of theory to practice, to increase their experiences with diversity, and to develop their interest in and commitment to social action and social problem solving. 


Honors Forum

Honors Forum is an academic program that offers rigorous courses and extracurricular events to its members and the larger Skidmore community. In their first or second years, students apply based on their GPA and leadership potential.