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Skidmore-Saratoga Memory Project: The Depot Theatre Archive and Exhibit
Evian Pan ’17, Anthropology
Harry Sultan ’17, Psychology
Artist Interviews:
Jennifer Davies ’17, Art
Olivia Fidler ’19, American Studies, MFS (Media and Film Studies)
Story-to-Screen Films:
Heaven Only Knows
, Anna Parsons ’18, Psychology;
Eli Ruben ’17, Management and Business, Spanish;
Caleb Weiss ’18, Self-Determined (Documentary Studies)
Loved Ones
, Wilson Espinal ’17, Management and Business, MFS; Alexandra
Marello ‘19, English, MFS; Jack Mullin ’17, Music
Media Projects
Five Elements/Jungwa Nga -
Julia Cavicchi ’18, Environmental Science, Honors
- Devon Connell ‘18, Computer Science and Philosophy
Humanity of the Homeless -
Rebecca Feldherr ’19, Sociology
Unity - the Women Who March
- Hadley Haselmann ’17, Sociology, Management and
Kaleidoscope –
Serena Lehman ’19, Theater
2. SDM Senior Presentations
FL Resource Center (PMH 426)
Faculty Sponsor: Giuseppe Faustini, Self-Determined Majors
Presenters: Robert Brown ’17, Diki Dolma ’17 Simon Klein ’17, Ryan Springer-Miller
’17, Chelsea Nuesi ’17, Michael Stein ‘17
Self Determined majors are required to complete a final capstone project. These six
distinctive presentations are indicative of the diverse and distinctive academic research
undertaken by this year’s SDMs. Their research topics range from Communication
Design for Social Innovations to Public Health. Please join us to hear and celebrate the
2017 SDM final project presentations.
Robert Brown ’17 – SDM in Chinese Literature and Translation:
Discourse in
Translation: “Orthodoxies of Male Romance in Hong Lou Meng”
Readers: Mao Chen and Cathy Silber
Diki Dolma ’17 – SDM in Public Health: "
Disaster Planning and Response- Case Study
of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake”
Readers: Jennifer McDonald and Rik Scarce
Simon Klein ’17 – SDM in Contemporary Media and Culture Studies: “
Finding Self
within Digital Spaces: How Immersion, Art, Culture, and Technology Interact to Form
New Perceptions”
Readers: Sarah Sweeney, Paul Benzon and Nicky Tavares
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