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Karina Gonzalez ‘17, “A Self-Replicating ‘Cage:’ Discrimination in the Workplace”
Allison Gretchko ‘17, “Rhymes and Rights: Rap Music as a Form of Political
Hadley Haselmann ‘17, “To Tie the Knot or Not? Marital Status and Happiness”
Isabelle Hurley ‘17, “How Religion Affects Environmental Concern”
Ashley Saiwa ‘17, “Family Income and Support for Legal Abortion”
3. Classics Department Student Presentations
Ladd 207
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Arnush, Classics
Geosciences Lunch & Awards Presentations
Dana 165
5. Light waves, radio waves, water waves, and baryonic acoustic oscillations:
Physics at many scales.
Floor Dana Atrium
Faculty Sponsor: Greg Gerbi, Physics
Presenters: Hallie Echelman ’17, Ryan Morrison ’17, Yu-Wing Chung ’17, Connor
Crawford ’17, Graeme Gengras ’17, Shivam Goyal ’17, Brough Morris ’17, Graham
Turner ‘17
Physics students will present the results of their research in nonlinear optics, distribution
and makeup of galaxies, dynamics of the upper ocean, and formation of the cosmos.
1:30 – 2:50 PM: SESSION 3
1. Presentations in Neuroscience
Ladd 307
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Bonner, Neuroscience
Student Co-Chair: Sarita Lagalwar ‘17
Presenters: Tenzin Tehshar ’17, Benjamin Juneau ’18, Brianne Cook ’18, Morgan
Lavoie ’17, Agnieszka Brojakowska ’17, Delon Campbell ’17, Sarah Wilensky ’18,
Jonathan Stricker ’17, Eliza Burr ’17, Donna Nguyen ’18, Lisa Leung ’17, Jessilyn
Hartman ’17, Kailen Polley ’17, Emma Brand ‘17
Neuroscience explores the mechanisms that underlie nervous system function.
Combining molecular, cellular, physiological, behavioral and cognitive levels of analysis,
our students will present data that addresses fundamental questions in neuroscience
today, including disease mechanisms and treatment, neural correlates of sleep,
developmental ramifications of drugs of abuse, and hormonal control of behavior.
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