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5. Capstone Projects in Creative Writing
Davis Auditorium
Faculty Sponsor: April Bernard, English
Presenters: Kaitlyn Curley Anders ’17 (P), Rachel Goodkind ’17 (Senior Project),
Samuel Grayboys ’17 (NF), Maria Lorenz ’17 (F), Clara Moser ’17 (P), Kelsie Seehusen
’17 (NF)
This panel will showcase some of the best of the English department’s capstone projects
in creative writing, and will feature readings in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.
6. Representing Race, Collecting Daguerreotypes, and Traversing Cuba or the
Skidmore Campus: Art History Today
Filene 115
Faculty Sponsor: Katie Hauser, Art History
Presenters: Dayna Joseph ‘19, Ellie Rochman ’17, Alicia Russo ’17, Hannah Traore ’17,
Olivia Tyson ‘17
Art History students examine a range of topics and projects involving the visual
representation of black identity, motivations for collecting anonymous daguerreotypes,
and figuring place, whether it’s 1950s Cuba or 2017 Skidmore.
Dayna Joseph ’19, "Defining Black Subjectivity: Howardena
Alicia Russo ’17, “1950s Tourist Art: Cuba in the American Imagination”
Ellie Rochman ’17, “Expressing Community through Landscape: An Alternative Tour of
Hannah Traore ’17, “From Titian to Wiley”
Olivia Tyson ’17, “The Allure of the Anonymous Daguerreotype"
3:00 – 4:20 PM: SESSION 4
Documentary Studies: Year in Review
PMH 202
Faculty Sponsor: Jordana Dym, MDOCS
Presenters: Evian Pan ’17, Harry Sultan ’17, Jennifer Davies ’17, Olivia Fidler ’19, Anna
Parsons ’18, Eli Ruben ’17, Caleb Weiss ’18, Wilson Espinal ’17, Alexandra Marello
’19, Jack Mullin ’17, Julia Cavicchi ’18, Devon Connell ’18, Rebecca Feldherr ’19,
Serena Lehman ‘19
Students offer highlights of evidence-based storytelling in film, interview, sound, game
design, archive, and exhibition which were developed as part of MDOCS programs and
courses. Documentary work by students includes a community partnership of the
Skidmore-Saratoga Memory Project, and individual doc projects developed on campus
and during study abroad. Story-to-Screen narrative films showcase collaborations
between screenwriters, directors and sound designers.
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