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Rachel Goodkind ’17: “Individual Differences in Song Perception: The Role of Lyrics
vs. Melody”
Julia Iannucci ’17: “The Roles of Function and Appearance in Shaping Word Learning”
Reina Kiefer ’17: “Hemispheric Lateralization of Emotion Regulation Strategies:
Suppression vs. Reappraisal”
Kengthsagn Louis ’17: “Depression Causal Attributions, Symptoms Recognition, and
Treatment Endorsement Among Haitians”
Elizabeth Oehrlein ’17: “Do Kids Use Context? Effects of Predictability and Parafoveal
Preview on Early Reading”
Kristin Schiavo ’17: “Building an Attitude of Gratitude: Comparing Online and Group
Katherine Williams ’17: “The Importance of Linguistic Negation and Speaker
Knowledge-State in Predicting Children’s Ability to Compute Ad-Hoc Hirschberg
3. Issues in Education: Education Studies Senior Thesis Presentations
PMH 200
Faculty Sponsor: Michele May, Education Studies
Presenters: Emily Savarese ’17, Morgan Baum ’17, Tessa Murphy ‘17
Three Education Studies majors will present their Senior Thesis Research on topics
which include: the effects of teacher beliefs and pedagogy on the development of English
Language Learners, a comparison of general and immigrant familial involvement in
elementary schools, and the effects of departmentalization on teacher-student
relationships at the 4
grade level.
4. Salty Business: Geosciences Senior Seminar Panel on
Proposed Natural Gas Storage in Salt Mines Under Seneca Lake
Bolton 280
Faculty Sponsor: Meg Estapa, Geosciences
Presenters: Jacqueline Carames ‘17, Taimur Khan ‘17, Evan Nitkin ‘17, Michaela Ritz
Caverns previously developed through the process of salt mining in Reading, NY, are
currently under consideration for redevelopment as liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
storage. The proposed underground LPG storage plan on Seneca Lake has raised
concerns for public health, water supplies, agriculture, tourism, and safety. The
Geosciences Class of 2017 will discuss geologic, environmental, technical, and policy
aspects of LPG storage in salt caverns in the Finger Lakes, concluding with a question
and answer session.
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