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Tenzin Tehshar, '17 - “Effects of optogenetic activation of PDF neurons on sleep and
Benjamin Juneau, '18 - “Optogenetic Stimulation of sNPF Neurons Promotes Sleep in
Drosophila melanogaster”
Brianne Cook, '18 - “Elucidating the Mechanism Behind Post-Copulatory Sleep
Reduction in Female
Drosophila Melanogaster
Morgan Lavoie ’17 - “The Effect of Adolescent Social Isolation & Oxytocin on Adult
Social Behavior & Anxiety”
Agnieszka Brojakowska ’17 - “4D Confocal Analysis of Axonal Velocity in Ethanol
Exposed Zebrafish Embryos”
Delon Campbell ’17, Sarah Wilensky ’18, Jonathan Stricker ’17 - “Endocannabinoid
Expression in the Zebrafish Embryonic Nervous System”
Eliza Burr ’17- Investigating propagation of ataxin-1 aggregates along tunneling
Donna Nguyen ’18 - Using Python to analyze cerebellar Purkinje neurons
Lisa Leung ’17 - Characterizing ataxin-1 aggregates as oligomeric species
Jessilyn Hartman ’17 and Kailen Polley ’17 - Behavioral paradigms for assessing ataxia
in mice
Emma Brand ’17 - Biochemical extraction of ataxin-1 aggregates from cerebellar tissue
2. Psychology Senior Thesis Projects and Independent Research Experiences
Tisch 1
Floor Hallway
Faculty Sponsor: Hassan Lopez, Psychology
Presenters: Zoe Berman, ’17, Paul Deutchman, ’17, Rachel Goodkind, ’17, Julia
Iannucci, ’17, Reina Kiefer, ’17, Kengthsagn Louis, ’17, Elizabeth Oehrlein, ’17, Kristin
Schiavo, ’17, Katherine Williams, ’17
Seniors psychology majors conducting an honor’s thesis or other form of advanced
independent research will present the results of their projects in this lively poster session.
Zoe Berman ’17: “The Effect of Attachment Style, Mortality Salience, and
Psychologically Relevant Music on Death-Thought Accessibility”
Paul Deutchman ’17: “The Role of Framing Effects, the Dark Triad, and Empathy in
Predicting Behavior in a One-shot Prisoner’s Dilemma”
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