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The Effect of Barefoot Running on EMG Activity in the Gastrocnemius and Tibialis
Anterior in Recreationally Active College-Aged Females
Ryan Beierle ‘17
Wrist Cooling, Exercise Performance in the Heat and Recovery from Exercise
Kelsey Denby ‘17
The Effects Of Vinyasa Yoga Flow On Quality Of Life Assessed Through Physiological
And Psychological Stressors In Collegiate Females
Kathryn "Dakota" Curran ‘17 and Ian Gregory-Davis ‘17
The Acute Effect Of Exercise On Heart Rate Variability And Blood Pressure Responses
To Lower Body Negative Pressure In Trained And Untrained Men
Vanessa Quintero ‘17
Jack Dixon ‘17
Does A High Fat Diet Accelerate Biological Aging In Mice?
Sam Bloom ‘17
LUNCH HOUR 12:00 – 1:20 PM
1. Modern Pilgrimage: Political, Social, and Ritual Dimensions of Sacred Journeys
Ladd 206 (Lunch Hour & Session 3)
Faculty Sponsor: David Howlett, Religious Studies
Presenters: Lauren Berry-Kagan ’18; Henry Brefka ’17; Judith Feiertag ’17; Ella
Goldthwaite ’17; Adriana Gomez ’17; Antonio Valentin ‘17
Investigates modern manifestations of pilgrimage and how it may be instrumentalized for
various social and political ends. Case studies include the politicization of Ratana
Christian pilgrimage in New Zealand; identity formation and Jewish Shoah pilgrimage in
Poland; political mobilization and Hindu nationalist pilgrimage to Ayodhya, India;
extreme climbing as secular pilgrimage in Yosemite National Park; internalized journeys
in Native American Church peyote rituals; and ritualized suffering and healing at the
Cuban Santerian San Lazaro pilgrimage.
2. Capstone Research in Sociology: Poster Presentations
Tisch 2
Floor Hallway
Faculty Sponsor: John Brueggemann, Sociology
Presenters: Monique Carlson ’17, Diki Dolma ’17, Jeannot Fortunat ’17, Karina
Gonzalez ’17, Allison Gretchko ’17, Hadley Haselman ’17, Isabelle Hurley ’17, Ashley
Saiwa ‘17
Monique Carlson ‘17, “The Effect of Incarceration on Income”
Diki Dolma ‘17, “Social Capital and Asian Immigrants’ Education”
Jeannot Fortunat ‘17, “Are Education and Religion Water and Oil?”
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