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Student Internships

If you are an individual, small-business owner, or not-for-profit looking to involve students in your upcoming multimedia or documentary production, MDOCS is happy to work with you. Field experience in documentary and media work is a valuable way for students to gain professional experience working in their area of interest as well as an opportunity for community members to act as mentors and gain student perspective on their work. This is a reciprocol process - it should be understood that if you are choosing to work with a student this is a learning process for them, quality of output will vary, and open communication is absolutely necessary to accomplishing both of your goals.

To help us determine the best fit for your project, please fill out this brief survey to give us an idea of what you're looking for in your student intern.

Please be aware, monetary compensation or compensation in the form of field experience credits is a requirement. The College has funding available for summer experiences/internships and credits available for academic year activities, but the availability of funds will dependent on the timing of your request (see below). Academic year matching funds may be available through MDOCS on a project by project basis.

Academic-year credit-baring Internships: Students must register by the first week of classes to receive credit for an internship.

Summer-experience funding: Student applications due by the end of March, selections made by mid-April.