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Information Technology

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We value our role in the Skidmore community. Our mission is to work in partnership with members of the community to empower our collective use of information technologies. Our goal is to provide excellent technology leadership, support and service in fulfilling Skidmore’s mission and Strategic Plan.



Faculty and staff volunteers test a game for new students
We provide support and assistance for students, faculty, and staff. IT consists of five divisions:

User Services
Enterprise Systems
Media Services
Learning Experience Design & Digital Scholarship Support (LEDS)


I.T. Website and Ticket System

The Information Technology Department has a website that serves as a central location for all of your Skidmore specific technological needs. This website aims to help people with the following things:

  1. Keep up to date with news from the I.T. Department.
  2. Find helpful articles on how to fix common problems.
  3. Submit Help Tickets.

To view this website click here.

Skidmore Exchange

Check out Skidmore Exchange! This replaces the previous Skidmore discussion forums. Initially we have included the "Housing" and "For Sale" forums, which were popular in our old system.  However, we look forward to adding new forums as requested and making this a robust format for encouraging conversation throughout the Skidmore community.  Whether you want a public or a private group conversation, we can make that happen. (For questions, please contact Beth DuPont at ext. 5917.)


Skidmore College uses Office 365 for email. Read more to log in to Office 365 email.
For tips on using Office 365, search our Knowledgebase articles.

For best results, please follow these instructions when changing your password:

  1. Read the password rules.
  2. Close all applications on your computer, except for a browser window.
  3. Visit the password change page
  4. Fill in the fields to change your password and submit the form. You will not see the password you submitted, so you need to remember it.
  5. Log off of your computer, wait 10 minutes, and log back on again with your username and new password.

To schedule event or tech assistance, please use EMS

To report an AV issue, please submit a ticket via the IT Tickets system

Clearing the cache and cookies in a browser is a possible solution to incorrectly loading web pages, errors, and forms that are broken or won't show up.

View steps to clearing cache


The residence halls are all-wireless networks. There are no cable modems in the rooms.  Wireless speeds will be at 20Mb download and 5Mb upload – per device. You can register as many as 5 devices per person. If you opt to pay for faster service (or more devices), all your devices are guaranteed the faster download speeds.

This new wireless network will require registration for each device you’d like to connect. You can register before you even get on campus, just be sure to register all the devices you’ll be bringing. When you register, don’t use your Skidmore credentials. Be sure to choose “Resident” when signing up for an account. If there are any problems or questions with the registration process, please call the Apogee tech support number – 1-855-377-4170. Apogee also has a technician on-site at Skidmore as a full-time employee to help with any problems.

For guests visiting Skidmore College, the best wireless experience would be in the following order:

Eduroam ~ Eduroam is a wireless network service that allows faculty, staff and students from Eduroam member institutions to gain network access at other insitututions that use Eduroam.  Skidmore College faculty, staff and students who wish to connect to Eduroam at other campuses will connect to the "eduroam" network and enter the full Skidmore College email address and the email password in the password field.  Guests from an Eduroam member institution will use their school's credentials to login to the Skidmore College network.

SkidmoreSecure ~ available with a Skidmore guest account.

SkidmoreGuest ~ has bandwidth restrictions to user.