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React to Film: A student-led initiative to showcase documentary films that matter

October 12, 2015

by Emily Rizzo '18 and Rebecca Stern '16

Urvi Kalra '18
Urvi Kalra '18

React to Film is a nationwide initiative that uses documentary film to inspire people to engage in the real issues of today. Stella Langat '16 and Urvi Kalra '18, an environmental studies major who is passionate about spreading awareness, are among many college chapter leaders all over the nation organizing screenings of social issue documentaries to generate discussion and create change. Skidmore’s student club Film Appreciation Troupe (F.A.T.) has welcomed this collaboration. 

Click here to listen to the full interview.

For more information on  the program, see their Facebook page.


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Full house at screening
of The Hunting Ground

React to Film campus leader Stella Langat '16 adds that "The Hunting Ground was our third successful event. Last spring, we screened Virunga and Matt Sheppard is a Friend of Mine.  We would like to thank all the departments and clubs that co-sponsored the screening. At the event, over 100 students, a few professors and six counselors, both from Skidmore, as well as a local organization, Wellness Cares, attended.

The Hunting Ground aims to bring awareness to the topic of sexual assault on college campuses. Unfortunately, the documentary addresses an extremely relevant issue at Skidmore.  

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Discussion after screening

So the discussion after the screening was both very engaged and productive. The students raised important questions and suggestions on how the issue could possibly be dealt with, including information about a newly formedgroup called "Walk with Me," in which students walk in groups back to their dorms or apartments. Students were surprised that the SGA was not represented at this event and hope to make connections later. It is heartening to know that React to Film has contributed to raise awareness about this important issue, which we will continue to address.