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Student Highlight: Maryam Dewitt '18 archives her mother's life through film

December 14, 2015

Interviewed by Rebecca Stern '16Maryam Dewitt

Maryam Dewitt ‘18 began work on her film this year through the MDOCS course "Documentary Production" with Professor Nicky Tavares. Her project tackles a difficult topic, the story of her mother, who passed away four years ago. To recount her mother's story,  Maryam combines family interviews with archival footage. Her grandmother brings a warm and genuine voice to the film. Maryam's grandfather, known for always having a video camera in hand, has shared an expansive collection of home videos that will provide the bulk of the visuals for the film.

Maryam has found that the filmmaking process has helped her keep the memory of her mother alive and hopes the film will continue to unlock her mother's "authentic voice." This may be a project that never quite feels finished, but over time it will provide a beautiful digital archive of her mother's life.

Maryam sat down with MDOCS Student Rep. Rebecca Stern to discuss how she first got interested in documentaries and how she hopes her project will develop. 

Listen to an excerpt of Maryam's interview here

Maryam's grandmother

Film still of Maryam's grandmother, the narrator of the film

Maryam plans to do a double major in social work and government with a minor in media and film studies. In Summer 2015, she worked on a film project about the Opportunities Program at Skidmore.