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Doc on Campus: MDOCS Workshops and Resources

September 23, 2016

LIB 113, the MDOCS lab, has opened its doors for its fifth semester. Along with being a home to many of the Documentary Studies courses, the lab space offers a variety of resources open to all members of the Skidmore community, including faculty, staff, students, retirees and families.

If you're looking to dip a toe into the documentary arts or want to brush off the dust on that camera in your closet, stop by the lab to talk with one of the student assistant experts or attend one of their skill-building workshops. The space is staffed more than 30 hours a week with experts in interview, graphic design, video, audio and more. Check out the hours on the LIB 113 page

LIB 113 WorkshopsWorkshops

LIB 113 student-led workshops are free and available to everyone in the campus community. Workshops this semester cover all of your basic media and visual art needs ranging from interviewing 101 to video and audio editing to Intro to GoPro cameras and Poster Design 101. For a full list of this semester's offerings and dates, check out the Fall 2016 workshop schedule. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your seat by emailing

In addition, to these workshops, MDOCS is pleased to offer "Photography Basics" with Erik Jenks '08 on Friday, October 28 at 2 p.m. Learn to see the world through a photographer's eyes and practice dividing and representing spaces to create engaging and eye-catching images for whatever your purpose—class project, family event, club performance. Sign up:


Student AssistantsLIB 113 Student Assistants

LIB 113 student assistants offer open lab hours where they are available to assist you on project work based on your individual needs. Each student has a diverse skill set that they are ready and eager to share with Skidmore faculty, staff and students. To check out when certain specialties are covered, check out the LIB 113 calendar.


Classroom Visits

Classroom Visits

For faculty looking to incorporate media assignments in their classroom, LIB 113 staff can work with you to program classroom visits on an as-needed basis. If we're not already offering a workshop that covers your needs or the timing doesn't work well with your syllabus, contact to schedule a classroom visit to work with your students one-on-one. The workshops depend on student and/or staff availability and are best met when clear needs have been determined and as much notice as possible is given. Typically the best results come from requests discussed with at least a month of lead time. Put in your request here.

For more details on all of the above, visit