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What to expect on a Skidmore tour

August 7, 2017

“After going on my tour and contacting current students, I felt like Skidmore was the perfect match: a small-campus feel and a fun town just 10 minutes away,” said Zoe Resnick ‘18 about her campus tour of Skidmore.

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A campus tour is an important part of the college search process. By going on a tour, you can start to picture yourself in the place where you might spend the next four years. Wondering what to expect on a Skidmore tour? Starting at our admissions building, tour guides take prospective students down North Broadway to give them a glimpse of Saratoga and then across campus. From the Arthur Zankel Music Center to the residence halls and athletic fields, tours show families the best that Skidmore has to offer. The best part of a Skidmore tour? Our amazing tour guides!

Skidmore tour guides 

Meet the Tour Guides:

Tessa Minardi '18

Hometown: Baldwinsville, NY

Major: English and Dance double major

Q: Why did you become a tour guide?

A: First of all, I love Skidmore. Second of all, I love talking. I really wanted to help people find the right place for them because I feel like I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I’m also glad I had the experience of visiting colleges and finding the right place for me. And the boss is the best!

Q: What should students expect on a tour with you?

A: I use a lot of punning; I love puns! I also make fun of myself a lot because sometimes I babble and don’t make sense and trip over things. I try to tell them stories from my life to personalize the experience, like showing them my old dorms and my old room.

Q: What is your funniest moment as a tour guide?

A: Directly after warning people not to fall in a hole, I fell in a different hole! Outside of Zankel in the grass I tripped and actually twisted my ankle and fell on my butt.

Jack McElgunn '18

Hometown: Cohasset, MA

Major: Economics

Q: What should students expect on a tour with you?

A: I give a lot of information. I try to tell people as much as I can and I take it seriously, I’m not really one to make jokes. Parents always say that my tours are very informative, and I give a lot of personal experiences.

Q: What’s your favorite spot on campus to show on a tour?

A: Oh, that’s easy! My favorite spot is right before you go into the library, looking out onto the green over the pond. It’s really nice.

Q: Why did you become a tour guide?

A: I just became one this summer because I really wanted to get the chance to stay in Saratoga for the summer.


Biba Contin '19

Hometown: Curitiba, Brazil

Major: Political Science

Q: What’s your favorite spot on campus to show on a tour?

A: I like showing Ladd Concert Hall in the Zankel Music Center. It’s beautiful and everyone is always really mesmerized! I also like doing places like the dining hall and residence halls because that’s something I’ve experienced and can show.

Q: What should students expect on a tour with you?

A: I try to be very positive and energetic to make sure that they’re not bored! I also try to tell a lot of personal stories instead of facts. If you give actual proof of what life at Skidmore is like its more exciting, especially for families.

Q: Why did you become a tour guide?

A: I’m a person who really likes talking to people and this is a job that gives me the chance to do that and makes me excited. I love Skidmore so I like to talk to prospective students about that.

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