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Skidmore College
Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct
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Advisory Council on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct (ACSGBM)


The mission of the Advisory Council on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct (ACSGBM) is to address sexual and gender-based misconduct through creating and coordinating policies, procedures and programming for prevention and response which reflect an expectation of effective consent, respect and safety for all members of the Skidmore community. The ACSGBM is a collaborative group of community members who are charged with advising the president and his cabinet on the college’s policies, procedures and services related to sexual and gender-based misconduct. Annual reports on the progress of the council will be delivered to the president at the close of each academic year. Specifically, the ACSGBM will work to:

  • Create a positive community culture that promotes respectful interactions and safety for all.
  • Promote awareness in the Skidmore College community about issues related to sexual violence.
  • Review Skidmore’s sexual and gender-based misconduct policy, procedures and services to ensure compliance.
  • Make updates and amendments to the sexual and gender-based misconduct policy as necessary.
  • Identify and implement educational opportunities and resources to educate the Skidmore community about issues related to sexual violence and Skidmore’s related policies, procedures and services.
  • Identify and implement training for the members of the Advisory Council, Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Hearing Board, sexual and gender-based misconduct advisors and sexual and gender-based misconduct investigators.

Advisory Council Members

  • Joel Aure, Title IX coordinator (chair)
  • Mariel L. Martin, associate dean of student affairs, campus life and engagement
  • Ann Marie Przywara, associate dean of student affairs, residential life and student conduct
  • Katie Wright, assistant director of student conduct and SGBM investigator
  • Crystal Moore, associate dean of the faculty for diversity and faculty affairs
  • Julia Routbort, associate dean of student affairs, health and wellness
  • Patty Bosen, director of health services
  • Jen McDonald, director of health promotion/victim advocate
  • Tim Munro, director of campus safety
  • Glen Vidnansky, assistant director for investigations and compliance and SGBM investigator
  • Saytra Green, assistant director for equal employment opportunity and workforce diversity
  • Jamin Totino, sexual and gender-based misconduct advisor for responding students
  • TBD, peer health educator representative
  • TBD, SGA representative