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Skidmore College
Skidmore Cares

2007 Skidmore Cares Cheerleaders

2007 Cheerleaders

Group Food Items Representative(s)
Administrative/Professional Staff Soups Sherry Ankeny, Alex Chaucer, Beth Freeland, Erin Martinovich, Marianne Needham
Support Staff Tuna Jeannie Eddy, Patty Ivory, Jill Jones, Barbara McDonough
Union Local #200 (trades) Jell-O gelatin and pudding Kevin Lloyd
Admissions Macaroni and cheese Sarah Ireland
Advancement SpaghettiOs Karen Garnsey
Athletics Peanut butter and jelly Darren Bennett
Benef-Action Juices Heather Miki
Campus Safety Rice Larry Britt
Dining Services management Baked beans John Batch
Facilities management Canned fruits Colleen Manning
Faculty Pasta sauce and canned tomatoes John Brueggemann
Greenberg Child Care Center Non-perishable healthy snacks Nancy Wheeler
SGA Cereal (hot and cold) Melissa Ausanka-Crues
Skidmore Shop Canned vegetables Bob Carleton
Student Athletic Advisory Committee Crackers Sasha Diamond-Lenow
Students Affairs Pasta Jen Burden