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Skidmore College
Arthur Zankel Music Center

"Arthur was deeply committed to sharing his good fortune with others. He also profoundly believed in the transformative power of the arts. The Arthur Zankel Music Center unites these two passions in a powerful way, allowing the College to share the joy of world-class musical performance, teaching, and learning, not only for the College but for the entire upstate region."

Martin Zankel


Arthur ZankelSince our founding in 1903, Skidmore's music program has been central to the College's curriculum. Over the years the program has not just grown but in fact flourished. Skidmore has become an arts mecca with a curriculum that spans the globe with its richness and offerings. The dramatic success of music at Skidmore poses a sharp new challenge—a pressing need for expansion. A new music center is urgently needed, one large enough to house the music program, designed for twenty-first century performance requirements, and equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to support the highest standards of collegiate music performance and education.

The Arthur Zankel Music Center, named in honor of longtime Skidmore trustee and parent Arthur Zankel, will welcome every visitor to Skidmore, serving as a gateway to the arch of the arts quadrangle at the entrance to campus. Daring in its appearance, efficient in its use of space, the Zankel Music Center will create a true arts quad with its distinguished neighbors: the Marjorie Saisselin Art Building, the Janet Kinghorn Bernhard Theater, and the original Filene Music Building. Imagine a venue that can not only accommodate both large and small crowds seamlessly, but one with a world-class acoustic system that will make everything from a small concert to a full-scale symphony sound truly amazing.

The Arthur Zankel Music Center will stand as both a welcoming beacon to visitors and a symbol of our deep commitment to creativity and the arts. This nearly 54,000 square-foot facility will include a 600-seat concert hall, a state-of-the-art recording studio, and an intimate, 100-seat lecture and recital hall, as well as more practice rooms, classrooms, offices, and storage for student instruments.

The total cost of the Arthur Zankel Music Center project is estimated at $44.5 million, of which $32.5 million will go toward construction expenses and $12 million will be set aside in an endowment to support the projected operating budget for the new building (estimated at $600,000 each year). The College will continue to seek additional contributions to complete this effort in time for the Music Center's formal opening in October 2010.  For more information about how you can help or to learn about a special seat campaign opportunity, please contact the Office of the Campaign Director at 518-580-5660.