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Skidmore College
Environmental Health and Safety for Academic Affairs

Programs and Training

Programs and Training

Skidmore College requires laboratory safety training for laboratory employees, paid or unpaid, including faculty, staff, students and visitors, to insure that they are appropriately informed about health and physical hazards present in the lab and methods for minimizing the potential exposure to those risks. In addition to the basic laboratory safety training, some individuals will need to attend other training sessions. All students conducting research are required to complete the advanced safety training module and pass the proficiency quiz. Training is determined by job duties of the laboratory member and the specific hazard(s) within the laboratory.  

Students are not eligible to participate in the basic laboratory safety online training unless granted special permission. Students are eligible to participate in the advanced safety online training.

EHS Programs and Services Bifold

Program Information

Training Materials

Online Exam

Animal exposure health and safety N/A Instructions to access CITI testing module
Art safety Training Handout Quiz

•  Biohazard waste Management policy and exposure control plan

•  Biosafety Level 2 training handout

•  Student blood-borne pathogen training protocol

Biosafety Level 2 quiz 
Blood-borne pathogens

•  Biohazard waste management policy and exposure control plan

•  Student blood-borne pathogen training protocol

Blood-borne pathogens video and certification form
Laboratory Safety Programs
          Laboratory safety Laboratory safety training PowerPoint Faculty and staff may access test here. Note that students are not eligible to take this test.

     •  Exam

Laser safety N/A  N/A
Radiation safety

•  Radiation safety training handout (pptx)

•  X-Ray fluorescence training handout

•  Miniflex (300/600) X-ray diffractometer (XRD) safety training (.ppt)

•  Radiation safety glossary

•  Radiation safety pregnancy policy and declaration

•  Radiation safety quiz

•  X-Ray fluorescence quiz

•  X-Ray diffractometer (XRD) training quiz

Training Requirements

Laboratory safety
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires training for employees who work with hazardous materials, which include chemicals, human tissue, human blood and human fluids. All individuals working in Skidmore College laboratories, paid or unpaid, including faculty, staff, student workers and visitors, must attend Laboratory Safety Training provided by EHS. Laboratory safety training addresses various hazards found in the laboratory, including material safety data sheets (MSDS), chemical spill response, fume hoods, emergency procedures, flammable liquids, compressed gas cylinders, electrical safety, fire safety and other related topics. Laboratory safety training sessions are offered at the beginning of the fall and spring semester and before summer session. If a special session is needed, contact Loretta Greenholtz at 518-580-5136.

Radiation safety training
As required by the New York State Department of Health, all researchers working in laboratories in which radioactive materials are used must complete radiation safety training. To schedule a radiation training session, contact the radiation safety officer, Loretta Greenholtz, at 518-580-5136.

Blood-borne pathogen training
Blood-borne pathogen training is required annually for all employees determined to be at potential risk for contact with blood or body fluids in the workplace. The purpose of the training is to understand the risks associated with blood/body fluid contact, proper handling and disposal methods and personal protection. Initial and refresher blood-borne pathogen training sessions are offered annually. Please contact Michelle Lappo at or call 518-580-5551 to register or schedule a training date and time.