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Skidmore College
Risk Management

Accident & Injury Reporting Guidelines

Accidents resulting in injuries requiring more than basic first-aid (typically cleansing and an adhesive bandage) must be reported to the College.  Incidents that occur during business hours (8:30am-4:30pm) are to be reported as outlined below.  Injuries that take place after hours should be reported directly to Campus Safety (518-580-5566). 

EMPLOYEES (including student employees; excluding Resident Assistants (RA).  Any employee injured in the course of their job duties, must report accidents and injuries to their direct supervisor, and are required to fill out Employee Injury/Accident Report Form and submit it to Human Resources.

NON-EMPLOYEES  Any student, RA, guest, visitor, or employee injured while engaged in an activity outside of their job duties is considered a non-employee.  In addition to reporting as indicated below, individuals are required to fill out the Non-Employee Injury/Accident Report form and submit it to Risk Management.

  • Organized activities:
    • Injuries sustained during a Skidmore organized activity should be reported to the activity leader. Examples:
      • Injured during organized social activity – report to event organizer
      • Injured during a class/lab setting – report to Faculty or staff in charge
      • Injured during a college sponsored or academic field trip (off campus) – report to Faculty or staff in charge
      • Injured performing a RA task  – report to Campus Safety
      • Injured during SGA Club activity (on or off campus) – report to Leadership Activities staff
      • Injured during private lessons (e.g. riding, crew, sport clinic, fitness program, theater, art, dance, etc.) – report to instructor/coach 
  • Non-organized activities:
    • Injuries sustained on campus while not engaged in any specific activity (e.g. falling down stairs, walking to class, playing frisbee, etc.) – report to Campus Safety.
  • If you are uncertain of the reporting mechanism, contact Campus Safety.

ATHLETES  Student Athletes injured during an intercollegiate sports game/practice/training are required to report injuries as outlined in the Sports Medicine Department Policy and Procedures Manual