John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative
John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative

Fall 2015 Events

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December 2, 7pm,
Somers Screening Room, Tang Museum

(t)error with director David Felix Sutcliffe

We Rock Long Distance
MUSIC/MDOCS present:
September 22-24
Justin Schell & Diasporic Hip Hop 

Project VIS/MDOCS present:
September 16
Jacqueline Goss/Jenny Perlin, The Measures

Photos, Archive, Story
September 30- October 1
Kevin Coleman

Women of 69 
Women of '69 Unboxed
October 2/3

Alum Liz Gallese brings her documentary film to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Saratoga Adult & Senior Center at a Sunrise Symposium, 9am, 10/3 at the City Center.

October 5
Peter & John (2015)
with filmmaker Jay Craven
Movies from Marlboro
5:30 pm, Bolton 282

A student-staffed production starring professional actors created as part of Movies from Marlboro, a program at Marlboro College.  See the film, meet the director & learn about the program.

October 22-23
Jesse Flower-Ambroch, sound design for film
  • 10/22: Sound Meditation
  • 10/23: Art of Sound Effect Creation Workshop (Foley)

 Expandable Sound
October 28: 
Night of Listening: Expandable Sound
Jake Nussbaum & Alex Lewis

Bill Daniel Tri-X
November 3 & 4, Bill Daniel

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MDOCS Workshop

FALL 2015

9/18/19:  Documentary Photography
(Perspectives & Technique) (LI 113)

9/22: Workshop: Documenting Music Performance
(LI 113)

10/1: Workshop: Reading Images to Document the Past
(LI 129)

10/23: Workshop:  Sound Design: Foley Techniques with Jesse Flower Ambroch,  LI 113

11/4: Workshop: Bill Daniel,  DIY Touring & Exhibition Strategies for Visual and Media Artists, 5:30-7, Falstaffs

  • Doc Dates     
    Wednesday afternoons, 4-5pm, LI 113
    (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Please join us for conversations, workshops and presentations on documentary. Doc Dates will feature: MDOCS Planning, "What's up, Doc?" conversations with documentarians, and workshops.
  • September 16: MDOCS Planning: MDOCS in 15/16
    Share ideas on how MDOCS can grow and support your work
  • Tuesday, September 29, Screening, Call Me Kuchu (2012), Davis Aud, 6:30 pm
    and Friday, October 2, Conversation with Director Malika Zouhali-Worrall, Davis Aud, 12:20-1:40 pm
    Co-Sponsored by the English Department.
  • October 21: What's Up, Doc?
    4-5 pm, Li 113
    Jesse Flower-Ambroch, sound designer for film
  • October 28:  What's Up, Doc?
    4-5 pm, LI 113
    Adam Tinkle presents:

    Radio producers Jake Nussbaum and Alex Lewis
  • November 18:  Student Connections
    Production Pizza Party (5-6:30 pm)
    DS students -- meet your peers, swap stories & make connections!
  • Coming later this fall: 


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