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Skidmore College
Purchasing Office

General Procedures

The Purchasing Team is available to assist and add value at any point in the following process. When a department decides it needs to make a purchase they must first determine if the purchase can be made with the P-Card. If so, the Preferred Vendor List should be referred to and the purchase may be made. If the P-Card process is not an option, a purchase requisition is to be completed and sent to Purchasing. We are always willing to assist you in completing a purchase requisition and finding a vendor.

  • BIDDING: Purchasing will then solicit bids if the requisition is over $5,000. We try to obtain a minimum of 3 bids. The department will be asked for input in reviewing the bids if there are Quality issues that can be hard to put a dollar value on.

  • ORDER PLACING: The vendor is then selected and either a PO is created or the Purchasing Department pays the vendor with their VISA card. The Purchasing Department then places the formal order with the vendor by mailing or faxing the PO or calling in the order with the VISA number. If a PO is generated, the requesting department will receive a Blue copy of the PO for their records.

  • RECEIVING: If you receive a Pink copy of the PO, this is the Receiver. Sign the receiver upon receipt of the goods and services in excellent condition and forward to the Purchasing Services Department. If there are problems with the goods or service DO NOT sign the receiver until the problem is resolved. The Purchasing Team is here to help resolve all problems. A signed Receiver means that the vendor will be paid when the invoice arrives.

  • INVOICING: Upon successful Receipt of the goods or services, the vendor will be paid when the invoice arrives in Accounts Payable. We ask all of our vendors to forward their invoices directly to Accounts Payable. If you receive an original invoice, please mail it to Accounts Payable immediately so that the invoice can be tracked to avoid loss of potential discounts for early payment. Skidmore can only pay from ORIGINAL invoices. FAXED copies are not acceptable.