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Travel Agencies

We're pleased to offer two travel agencies, Travel Guard - Chartis and AAA Northway, for your Skidmore travel or personal travel needs. GetThere is an online booking tool offered by Marathon Travel for those who prefer to make their arrangements online.

Travel Guard - Chartis

Travel Guard - Chartis is a specialist in collegiate, international, and group bookings. They are our only 24 hr/7 day a week agency, offering a wide range of value-added travel services, which include: 24-Hour Travel Assistance Services, Emergency Travel Services, Medical Assistance, Concierge Service, Roadside Assistance Service, Online Booking Engine, Travel Insurance and a Low Fare Promise.

Travel Guard - Chartis offers both an agent ($25 per ticket fee) and an online booking tool – GetThere ($10 per ticket fee). Please contact Carol Schnitzer (x 5849) if you have any questions or need assistance.

We have no specific agent with Travel Guard - Chartis, all calls to our dedicated Skidmore 866 number (see below) are answered by an agent ready to help you. You will never get voicemail, always an agent with a friendly "Thank you for calling the Skidmore College Travel Desk..."

For your business related bookings, please either have your own credit card or the Skidmore account number to charge your ticket to. Travel Guard - Chartis has a Skidmore p-card.

Dedicated Skidmore Phone Number


If you need assistance from overseas regarding your travel reservation please call them collect on their local number, 715-295-5457.

AAA Northway

AAA Northway is our local travel agency option. They are open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm, and open till 6pm on Tues/Thurs.

Our travel agents are Diana Perreault, DJ (Donna) Lange, and Laurie Burns. They are located at the AAA Northway offices at 26 West Avenue (across from the train station).

Please note AAA Northway offers other services, such as passport photos.

DJ Lange

Lori King