Purchasing Office

Air Travel (Domestic)

College-Business Flight Bookings

Please select the most economical flight when booking your travel plans.

The following steps can quickly help you find the most economical fare:

  1. Go to SouthWest Airline's business site (SWABIZ) utilizing the link below.
    1. If they service your destination, book with them.
    2. Use SWABIZ to book the flight (Please use Skidmore ID 99433084).
    3. Pay using your corporate VISA card (you cannot use the P-Card).

  2. Book online using Get There, which is a travel search-engine similar to other travel web sites (Orbitz, etc.).
    1. Pay using your corporate VISA card or you can provide a Skidmore account number and the charge will go on Marathon Travel's P-Card.

  3. If your travel is too complex to do yourself or for complete travel packages (i.e., air, hotel, car), please call one of our travel agencies for assistance.

for business travel
Please use Skidmore ID 99433084

Personal Flight Bookings

For personal travel, Southwest Airlines is a preferred vendor.