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Skidmore College
Purchasing Office

Doing business with Skidmore

Vendors are valued members of the greater college community. Buying practices are administered to ensure that all vendors are dealt with ethically and fairly. Vendors are awarded college business on the basis of competitive prices, quality of services rendered and ultimate long-term benefit to the college as a whole. Skidmore College is a tax-exempt organization. Exempt organization certificates can be provided on request. Some vendors offer Skidmore College employee discounts.

New Vendor Registration Form

If you are interested in becoming a vendor to Skidmore College, please complete the online new vendor registration form. Certain vendors, such as printers, may want to submit samples of their work so that these may be shown to the interested departments within the college.

Skidmore-Authorized Purchase Methods

There are three ways that Skidmore employees may purchase items from a vendor: Skidmore College Visa purchasing card (P-Card), purchase order (PO) or check. Skidmore's preferred method of payment is by Visa purchasing card.

  • Credit card
    If a department credit card does not process with the credit card company, do not provide the goods or service to the college without first getting the proper authorization from the credit card company. Our cards have certain transaction limits. If a transaction does not process, the employee will have to get approval from Purchasing to proceed with the purchase.
  • Purchase order
    A PO is only valid with the signature of the director of Purchasing Services.
  • Check
    Checks should be issued from Skidmore College.


If vendors provide goods or services without a receiving a valid credit card number, PO or check, they do so entirely at their own risk of never being paid by Skidmore College.