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Skidmore College
Self-Determined Majors

Student Learning Goals

Below are the departmental learning goals mapped to College-wide goals for student learning.

Self-Determined majors will learn to:

  • Engage in and take responsibility for designing an approved self-determined major curriculum. (IIe)
  • Think in an interdisciplinary manner. (IIa)
  • Write well, i.e., in clear, concise English prose. (IIc)
  • Speak well, extemporaneously and formally. (IIc)
  • Locate and effectively use primary and secondary sources. (IIb)
  • Design and execute a substantive, culminating capstone project that produces scholarship/creative work that bridges traditional disciplinary lines. (Iva)
  • Reflect on and evaluate the achievement of their academic and personal goals. (IIIa)
  • Demonstrate advanced learning & synthesis in the self-determined major. (Ic; IVd)