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Skidmore College
Self-Determined Majors

Major Requirements

SDM, Academic Festival 2018
Class of 2018 Self-Determined majors celebrating after giving their final project presentations at Academic Festival, May 2, 2018.

A qualified student (3.00 GPA or better) may propose a major curriculum other than one among the current list of majors at Skidmore. The Self-Determined major transcends the boundaries of Skidmore's majors and minors and reflects the integration of more than one discipline toward the attainment of a clearly developed and coherent course of study.

The degree program must contain a core of not fewer than ten courses pertinent to the student's central interest, one of these being an independent-study project that integrates this core of courses, or a senior seminar or colloquium in which a main project achieves the same goal. Self-Determined Majors must meet the all-college requirements, including the maturity-level requirement.

The student proposes a course of study to the SDM Program through the director and its SDM Committee. Normally, students will apply by February 15 during the spring of their sophomore year. A self-determined-major proposal must be submitted no later than October 15 of their junior year or its equivalent.

Detailed procedures for establishing a Self-Determined Major may be obtained from the director of the SDM Program and/or on the SDM Web site.

See Self-Determined Major catalog page.