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Management and Business Department

Summer 2013 Course Listing

SESSION 1 (May 28-June 28, 2013)

Course # and Title Instructor Credits Days and Time
MB214, Foundations of Marketing Paula Tancredit Penman 3 M/T/W, 9:30-12 PM
MB306, Business in International Environment James Kennelly 3 T/W/F, 1:00-3:30 PM
MB313, Consumer Behavior Azita Hirsa 4 M/T/W/F, 9:30-12 PM
MB333, Business Law 1 Scott Mulligan 3 M/T/W/F, 3:45-5 PM


MB-214 Foundations of Marketing
A comprehensive assessment of marketing’s dynamic role in contemporary global society. The course emphasizes the development of marketing strategies which reflect domestic and cross-national competitive structures and diverse market place realities. Topics include consumer analyses, target market identification, positioning, ecommerce, and coordination of marketing mix elements. Prerequisite: MB-107 or permission of instructor.

MB-306 Foundations of Business in the International Environment
Analyzes the political, social, legal, economic, competitive, technological, and cultural environments of international business. It focuses upon the challenges facing multinational corporations operating in these dynamic and often ambiguous environments. Topics to be covered include: strategic issues related to competition in global markets; issues of organizational structure and control; questions of the transferability of “made in America” management theories in a cross-cultural context; fundamentals of trade theory; and noneconomic impacts of multinational corporations and their ethical, social, and ecological responsibilities.  Prerequisite: MB 107, MB 214, MB 224, MB 234, EC 103, EC 104, or permission of instructor; prerequisite: may be waived for interdepartmental business majors and international affairs MAJORS AND minors by permission of instructor.

MB-313 Consumer Behavior
Examination of the psychological, sociological, and anthropological theories related to consumer decision- making. Among the separate topics covered in the course are motivation, memory, cognition, attitude formation and change, persuasion, learning, and value systems of cultures and subcultures, all interrelated with the formation of marketing strategies.  Prerequisite: MB-214 or permission of instructor.

MB-333 Business Law I
A study of the origin of laws, the court system, and legal procedures with emphasis on their impact in business and economic situations, in-depth study of the laws of contracts, agency, corporations, partnerships, employment and labor law.  Examination and briefing of existing case law in these fields.