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Skidmore College
Management and Business Department

Management and Business Minor

For a business minor, the student is required to complete MB 107, MB 214, MB 224, MB 234, and two additional courses in business, at least one at the 300 level. The following courses may not be used to satisfy any of these requirements: ID 190, MB 240, MB 299, MB 360, and MB 399.

Note: It is Management and Business Department policy that required management and business courses for the major/minor are taken for a grade (no S/U). This includes MB 107, MB 214, MB 224, MB 234, MB 235, MB 240, MB 306, MB 338, and MB 349. Elective MB courses may be taken S/U at the faculty member's discretion. Courses counting toward the business minor, but offered in other departments, follow the S/U policies of the respective department.

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