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Bibliographies are generally either Works Cited lists (all sources you quoted or paraphrased directly in your paper) or Works Consulted lists (all sources you looked at in preparing your paper).

In the case of either a works cited or works consulted bibliography, you should be sure that entries are arranged alphabetically and that each entry includes: the author or authors of each source (last name first), the full title, the place and date of publication and the publisher. All information should be separated by periods.

Marx, Leo. The Machine in the Garden: Technology and the Pastoral Ideal. New York. Oxford University Press. 1964.

Kerber, Linda. "The Republican Mother: Women and the Enlightenment." American Quarterly 28, no. 2 (Summer 1976): 187-205.

When citing an internet source in a bibliography, use the following form:

Bass, Randy. "The American Studies Crossroads Project." September 2001.

For more specific information on citing other kinds of sources, see The Skidmore Guide to Writing.