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Skidmore College
American Studies Department

Student Learning Goals

Students who graduate with an American Studies degree should be able to:

  • locate, credit, and effectively evaluate primary and secondary sources 
  • approach any inquiry with multiple methods and approaches 
  • produce scholarship that cuts across and bridges traditional disciplinary lines 
  • be reflexive and ask questions of sources, texts and ourselves and in so doing cultivate intellectual honesty and integrity 
  • demonstrate written communication skills—i.e., write well in clear, concise English prose 
  • exhibit oral communication skills—i.e., speak well in class, extemporaneously and formally 
  • demonstrate facility with presentation skills, tools, and technologies 
  • design and execute small and large-scale research projects 
  • consider the epistemological implications of how we know what we know 
  • understand that American identity and culture are shaped by social and political forces and historically and geographically contextual/contingent 
  • examine questions of social justice and equity across intersectional identities in ways that improve one’s cultural sensitivity and awareness and develops global cultural competencies  
  • make connections between course work and the larger world  
  • embrace an enduring passion for learning