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Skidmore College
American Studies Department

Welcome to American Studies!

American Studies is an interdisciplinary major that focuses upon life and culture in the United States, past and present, using a variety of resources, techniques, and methodological approaches. The major examines the diversity of Americans, as well as their commonly shared experiences and incorporates race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, and ability as categories of analysis. The major is structured to allow students to take courses about the United States and related topics in different departments and to integrate that material into the courses that the American Studies faculty teach. American Studies students often study abroad, participate in the Washington Semester, and do internships. Our majors have found American Studies a strong background for careers in journalism, publishing, museums, historic preservation, archaeology, education, government, law, business, NGOs, and the nonprofit sector, as well as useful preparation for further study in graduate and professional school programs.

American Studies in the news and rockin' it.