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Career Advisor Spotlight: Dr. Joshua A. Boyce '81

August 1, 2019
Skidmore Career Advisor, Joshua Boyce, MD

Skidmore Career Advisor, Joshua Boyce, MD

Skidmore's Career Advisor Network is a Skidmore-exclusive database made up of alumni and parents connected with the college.  These mentors are eager to share their career experiences and advice with Skidmore students.

Shannon Rodriguez, who works closely with students interested in health professions, recently spoke with the longtime career advisor, who has mentored numerous Skidmore students through research opportunities.  A chemistry major during his undergraduate studies at Skidmore, Dr. Joshua Boyce '81 currently serves as the Chief, Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.  He is a Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and the Albert L. Sheffer Professor of Medicine in the Field of Allergic Disease at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Boyce also serves on Skidmore's Board of Trustees.

Shannon: Thank you, Dr. Boyce, for being an active member of our Career Advisor Network.  What is your favorite piece of career advice?

Dr. Boyce: Doing something you enjoy is more important than making money.

Shannon: Why should Skidmore students interested in medicine and scientific research reach out to you?

Dr. Boyce: I've been through 14 years of training and have had a highly varied and interesting career. At various points, I have worked in the private sector as a practitioner early in my career, and have been in academic medicine as a clinically active basic scientist, and have served in scientific and administrative leadership positions. I can provide students with a broad view of medicine and all the avenues one can pursue with an MD background.

Shannon: Dr. Boyce, you've provided many experiential opportunities for Skidmore students over the years.  Why is being a career advisor important at Skidmore?

Dr. Boyce: Skidmore prepared me for the career path I chose, but I would not have gotten there without the help of advisors who were connected with the college, and well along in their own careers.  Advising is a nice way of giving back.

Students interested in career paths in medicine and scientific research are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Boyce for advice.  Thank you to Dr. Boyce and all of our awesome career advisors!  If you're a Skidmore alumnus or parent and wish to serve as an advisor, please request an account here

Skidmore's career counselors encourage all students to take advantage of exploring the network.  Students can sign in to activate their account using their Skidmore login credentials.