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Skidmore College
Office of Community Service Programs

Assessment and Learning Rubrics for Civic Engagement

Below are some national resources that identify criteria for student learning:

A Liberal Education Scorecard (Wick and Phillips 2008)
Civic Engagement VALUE Rubric (AAC&U)
Student Civic Learning Outcomes (Tufts University)
Student Learning Outcomes (University of Maryland)

Evidence of Service-Learning Effectiveness
There is compelling evidence that service learning increases student engagement and civic-mindedness. Below are links to articles on effectiveness.

Astin, Alexander W. et al. 2000. How Service Learning Affects Students UCLA: Higher Education Research Institute.
Eyler, Janet S. and Dwight E. Giles. 1999. Where's the Learning in Service-Learning? San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Skidmore College received a grant from the AAC&U Bringing Theory to Practice Project to support service learning in the First-Year Experience. Empirical findings from the Assessment Report show consistent support for the pedagogical benefits of service learning for first-year students. The two charts below report differences in self-reported learning outcomes between service-learning and nonservice-learning seminars in Fall 2008:


Picture 1