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Skidmore College
Curriculum Committee

Course Cap Guidance

The Curriculum Committee is tasked with deciding (equitably and fairly) whether a proposed course is allowed an exemption from the standard course caps. The following guidance outlines current practice.

Standard course caps:

100-level courses: 28
200-level courses: 26
300-level courses: 18

Exemptions for lower course caps:

  1. Safety, equipment, or space considerations
    • a. Science labs (labs are typically capped at 16-20, although they often have larger lecture sections)
    • b. Studio space (e.g., arts/dance)
    • c. Technology Limitations (e.g., limited availability of equipment)
  2. Course-level considerations
    • a. Scribner Seminars (16)
    • b. 100-level Expository Writing courses (15-17)
    • c. Senior capstone courses (15)
  3. Pedagogy considerations
    • a. Writing Intensive courses (guidelines in the documentation below) (17)
    • b. Skill-intensive courses (such as language courses or music theory) (17)
    • c. Creative writing workshops (15)
    • d. IGR or other non-standard pedagogies
    • e. One-credit add-ons (10-15) f. Team teaching (1.25x cap rather than 2x cap)
  4. Other
    • a. Professional or accreditation requirements
  5. The Curriculum Committee does not allow exemptions for the following cases:
    • a. Honors Forum courses
    • b. Service learning courses

Exceptions that do not fall under these criteria must be approved on a case-by-case basis in consultation with DOF and CC.